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Website Monetization: The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Website or Blog in 2022

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Throughout this guide, we cover every facet of website monetization in 2022. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know to achieve financial success with your blog or website.

Are you confident that your new website or blog will bring in a comfortable income? 

It certainly can!

However, it requires many hours of work and a lot of knowledge.

We at Dreamspath believe in being radical and honest about everything we do.

In terms of website monetization, this is even more true.

And here’s the deal…

You can make a lot of money from your website in 2022 if you monetize it!

For example…

Using a mix of sponsored deals, pay-per-view advertising, and ecommerce sales, BuzzFeed generated over $300 million in total revenue in 2018.

Much smaller websites, however, have excellent chances of profiting from blogging as well.

Here are a few examples of six-figure bloggers:

Throughout this post, you’ll learn several ways to earn a great income from your blog. These methods can help you to generate multiple revenue streams. 

But websites aren’t automatic cash machines like ATMs.

In order to be successful, you have to invest time (and often money) into:

  • Creating an effective website
  • Creating relevant and engaging content for it
  • Driving quality, targeted traffic to your site
  • Using social media to build an audience
  • Building an email list
  • Developing a loyal readership

That’s when the money starts rolling in.

Here’s the ultimate guide to monetizing your website or blog in 2022.

Table of Contents


A common question in online marketing is how to monetize websites and blogs in a way that produces consistent income.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available.

As already mentioned, affiliate networks and ad networks are just two of several methods that you can use to earn money online.

However, there are many others, such as developing your own products and services, using private forums, or monetizing podcasts.

There are many monetization methods, but each case is unique.

So every scenario must be tested and measured to yield the highest conversion rates and diversify your earnings streams to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Tips and Best Practices for Monetization

Sites may not be able to use all monetization avenues.

Ad styles, ad placements, and landing page designs should be tweaked, tested, and measured to find those that make you the most money while having the least negative effect on your site.

Publishers tend to promote irrelevant products and offers on their sites.

This is one of their biggest mistakes. It is always essential to promote products or services that are directly related to your site’s niche otherwise conversions will be low or nonexistent.

Don’t prolong the testing process unnecessarily.

When it comes to blogs, some advocate waiting to monetize until the site has traffic or subscribers.

Taking this approach can prolong testing, and it’s best to let returning visitors get used to the ads on the site, rather than having them appear suddenly where they will stand out like a sore thumb.

Maximize banner ads.

Since many Web surfers have become used to banners, it’s actually better to embed affiliate links within the content of your product reviews.

You can also place affiliate banners on your site for related products. This is also a good strategy because it allows for the targeting of long tail keywords, such as, actual product names.

For organic rankings, long tail keywords tend to be less competitive and can often yield very targeted traffic that leads to higher conversion rates.

Leverage reviews.

A detailed review that explains the how, when, why, and what of an affiliate product can result in the best conversions.

Write well-written reviews, provide the reader with a lot of information, and clearly define how the product solves the particular problem.

The best way to convert is to make the offer irresistible, and once someone becomes receptive to it, we all buy.

Aim to build trust and credibility.

Trust is a huge factor in affiliate conversions when promoting affiliate products and services on a traditional blog.

By traditional, I refer to a site that is designed to interact with readers with regularly published posts and is actively seeking subscribers.

This is different from a money-making site that merely uses Wordpress as a Content Management System, where the target is the passing search engine surfer who will click on a link or an ad and won’t return.

Building trust is lucrative business.

Blogging is all about trust, since this trust is often what generates the greatest revenue. Hence, pick your promotions carefully. Don’t recommend products you’re not familiar with or that you know are bad just to earn a commission. E-mail marketing follows the same trust principle.

Consider video reviews.

You should consider making video reviews for products you are promoting since video conversions are 80% higher than text.

You can use these videos on YouTube and other top video submission sites to get new traffic to your site and to affiliate offers that can increase sales exponentially.

Make sure you don’t overmonetize.

Sites can sometimes be so cluttered with ads, banners, contextual links, and the like that it’s impossible to decipher the content from the ads.

A high ad-to-content ratio is a big problem since Google Panda, which penalizes sites with a high ratio, but it will also turn off users and may not result in the results you’re after.

Your landing pages should clearly define the call to action.

A call to action is simply what you want your audience to do, in the case of monetization it might be to click on the link to go to the merchant’s site for affiliate offers or to click an Adsense ad.

It is important that the call to action stands out, for example, Adsense ads and affiliate links should contrast with the site’s font color.

You need traffic.

Finally, traffic is the key to making any kind of real money. Generally, conversion rates are considered excellent between 3-5%, so do the math, and drive as much traffic as you can.

Commission Based Monetization

Affiliate marketing is based on a commission payout model and continues to be one of the best ways to monetize static websites and blogs. The earning potential is really unlimited especially for high traffic sites with high quality content that offer related affiliate products and services.

These networks are a one stop shop for a variety of merchants, both big and small.

Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are numerous affiliate programmes available, much too many to name here, but here are a few of the most popular.

Learn more about these networks by clicking here.

Multi Product Online Merchants

eBay Partner Network

Everyone knows eBay and the conversions can be really high for well-targeted traffic as the deals over there are never ending. Their affiliate program is now in house, and they pay on a commission model, where payments can increase based on the quality of traffic. 

Minimum payout $25 via direct deposit to bank accounts or check by mail.

Amazon Associates Program

Like eBay, Amazon is a household that has thousands of products and great deals and so they tend to have high conversions rates.

Minimum payout $10 via direct deposit to bank accounts or check by mail.

Web Search

Most major online merchants and many small ones will have an affiliate program. Typically a link to such can be found in the footer of their site, or you can do a search with this query: “Merchant Name Affiliate Program.”

Top Digital Product Networks


This is the most well-known digital products affiliate program that houses a variety of offers in all niches. Commissions can be quite high depending on the product with some being as high as 70% of the products cost.


A great network to find popular digital products and software to promote. Trusted affiliates are paid instantly to their Paypal accounts.


Another popular digital product affiliate network. Payouts vary by merchant, and they pay directly to Paypal.

Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network focuses on digital goods and software. With this network, you can get access to over 22,000 pieces of software, so if your site is in the tech niche, jump onboard.

CPA Ad Networks

CPA refers to Cost Per Action, which compensates affiliates for particular actions taken by visitors referred by affiliate links.

As compared to commission-based PPS models, CPA models do not require the customer to make an actual purchase in order for the affiliate to earn money; it has to perform some type of action prescribed by the merchant company, such as giving an email, signing up to a site, filling out a credit card application or signing up for a free trial.

As CPA can offer substantial earnings potential, it is one of the more lucrative methods for monetizing websites.

You can learn more about CPA marketing here.

Best CPA Networks

  • Admedia – They offer tons of options for publishers to earn from their network of advertisers, including, in-text ads, banners, email marketing, ad media display ads, Cost Per View and much more.
  • Azoogle Ads – A complete Performance Based Advertising network offering high quality high payout CPA offers with a variety of options for quality publishers to monetize their sites with a large advertiser base.
  • Neverblue
  • Clickbooth
  • Peerfly
  • Market Leverage
  • MaxBounty
  • Adscend Media
  • Convert2Media
  • Adknowledge
  • CPA Lead
  • W4
  • Intela
  • Ads4Dough – Run by affiliates for affiliates, with good offers and high payouts.
  • RevenueStreet
  • Motive Interactive

CPC/PPC Ad Networks

The CPC or PPC model pays publishers for clicks on ads they run on their sites from particular CPC networks, the most popular of which being Google Adsense.

There are several other such networks that sometimes pay more and are some good alternatives to Adsense, especially, for those who have been denied into the Google Adsense program or have been banned for whatever reason.

One of the main reasons this type of monetization converts so well is because the ads are very targeted, for example, Adsense serves ads based on the visitor’s recent web searches, the same goes for Chitika.

Best CPC Networks

  • Google Adsense – A more passive way to make money with your blog is to link an ad from Google AdSense to your site. You will get paid every time your audience clicks the link; Cost-per-Click (CPC). Or you can choose to get paid for every 1000 views you get for the ads; Cost-per-thousand views (CPM). The amount paid per click varies and is based on certain metrics and also the niche. Some ads only pay a couple of cents, while, others pay higher with $2 and more per click. It is highly rewarding if you have thousands of traffic to your site.
  • Clickbooth – One of the top CPC networks with the highest payouts.
  • Chitika – Chitika is the next best solution after Adsense and is a premium CPC network. Users can choose to display adds ONLY to search traffic and those relevant to their original search terms, which is the optimal targeting solution for effective CPC campaigns. Offers you the choice to collapse adds entirely for non-search traffic without blank space or to serve ads from other networks, another big perk. Also the minimum payout is $10 with Paypal or $50 with check payment, which is really nice for those who want to get paid quickly.
  • Outbrain – Offers contextually related third party ads that integrate seamlessly into the content of the site where they are placed.
  • Taboola – High quality sponsored content with third party ads and personalized recommendations.
  • Adengage – Payout is 75% of all add revenue, which is a high amount for the industry. They also provide a more user friendly interface than some of the other networks.
  • Bidvertiser – Offers, categorized directory of websites, geographic targeting and you can set your own pay per click rate bid.
  • Adclick Media

Contextual CPC Ad Networks

This is another way to monetize websites and blogs. Contextual text ads pay on a CPC model, and serve content relevant ads that appear when a visitor mouses over a particular keyword in the content. This requires that a code or plugin is placed on the site that makes these ads automatically appear.

Best Contextual Ad Networks

  • Vibrant Media – Offers over 6,600 premium publishers with highly targeted advertisements and branded content within text and images.
  • Traffic Vance – Another top rated network.
  • Kontera – Kontera is one of the more popular and well known contextual ads networks, but their payouts tend to be low.
  • Info Links
  • Clicksor
  • Real Tech Network
  • Admedia

CPM Networks

A CPM payment model is based on the number of impressions generated by an ad.

Advertisers pay CPM networks based on how many times their ads appear on the publisher’s site.

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, where the letter M represents one thousand, and is usually calculated at Cost Per Thousand views of the page where the ad is placed.

As an example, a website that has a CPM rate of $5.00 and delivers advertisers 10,000 impressions will pay the publisher $500.00 ($5 x 10,000).

Blogs and sites with a lot of traffic, and a lot of page views, or those that have a lot of readers that often don’t click on the ads can benefit from CPM, since you’ll still be paid for the impressions generated by readers, subscribers, and other traffic.

Best CPM Networks

  • Adversal – Offers decent payouts for Pop Under ads. They guarantee a 100% fill rate, and the highest eCPM available for add inventory on your site bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers.
  • Site Scout – Offers a variety of ad options. The banner and other ads are on a CPM basis.
  • Rivit Media – Specifically made for DIY and Crafts niche content
  • ValueClickMedia – Minimum 3,000 page views per month. While their page view requirements are quite low, ValueClick is known to be picky about the type of site they will approve.
  • Burst Media 
  • Double Click
  • IDG Network
  • CPX Interactive – 10,000 page views per month required. CPX offers quality integration and reporting.
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Brightrol – Video ad network with very rigid requirements approving only high performing/traffic sites.
  • Adtegrity
  • Advertising.com
  • Morning Falls
  • Casale Media

Mobile Publishing Monetization Methods

Mobile content is being monetized by special networks, and the market is huge since more than 50% of online users use a mobile device to access the Web. A person spends 8% of their day looking at their phone.

Best Mobile Ad Networks


For those interested in monetizing mobile traffic Smaato is a great network to consider.

  • With more than 100 DSPs connected to a state-of-the-art RTB platform, eCPM can be increased globally with a great deal of control and transparency.
  • Publishers have access to more than 200 countries’ ad inventory through this global platform.
  • Connect with over 90 advertising networks and 100 DSPs.
  • A wide range of creative options, including mobile video and expandable, floating, and interactive banners.
  • Smaato offers you the widest range of mobile advertising SDKs.
  • Lots of success stories with publishers and app developers increasing their revenues by 400%.


This is another network that offers all the tools necessary to monetize mobile traffic and this network is created specifically for mobile advertising publishers.

  • MoPub Optimizer provides sophisticated revenue optimization with 1 click.
  • Automated management of ad networks.
  • Advanced insight tools.
  • Powerful ad management and reporting.

Sell Advertising Space

Direct Selling of Blog/Website Add Space

You can also sell ad space directly on your site if your site has good traffic numbers.

Among the most popular banner formats are the 728*90 leaderboard, the 120*600 skyscraper, the 300*250 rectangle, and the 125*125 that appears in the sidebar.

A disadvantage of direct banner advertising is that it requires large amounts of traffic and daily impressions to elicit big sales.

Make Your Own “Advertise With Us” Page

In the “Advertise With Us” section of your website or blog, you should list all the advertising you want to sell, whether it’s ad space, text links, or paid reviews.

Make sure it sits prominently in your site’s navigation, best place would be in the Top Navigation Bar.

Advertising companies search for appropriate websites in search engines so it’s one of the best ways to be found, engage them, and let them know what you have to offer.

Give details about your traffic, page views, unique visitors, and all other benefits of advertising their sites through you.

The Best WordPress Plugins For Advertising Space

WP 125

A great plugin to add either affiliate banners or sell advertising space in the sidebar. You can place your advertisement in any blank spaces available through a widget that fits banners up to 125 x 125 pixels in size.

WP-Insert Plugin

You can include advertising not only in your sidebar, but also within content with this plugin. Customization options include blocking ads from showing on certain pages/posts, ad styles, and the option to insert your ads into RSS feeds.

OIO Publisher

One of the most popular WordPress plugins for managing ad sales, costs $49.

Attract More Advertisers With A High Fill Rate

If you are using a plugin to advertise space in the sidebar, and a potential advertisers comes by and sees four “Advertise Here” boxes in the sidebar, they will think you’re your site is not good enough to get advertising offers.

Therefore, you should leave one box available with “Advertise Here” text and fill the rest with affiliate banner ads until you can fill all the boxes with advertiser’s offers.

Sell Ad Space Networks

Using various popular networks to offer your site for ad sales is a great way to engage high end advertisers.

Best “Sell Site Ad Space” Networks

Here are the best networks where you can add your site for advertisers to consider.

  • Buy Sell Ads – A quality ad network to expose your site’s ad space to thousands of advertisers. They require a minimum amount of page views to qualify.
  • BlogAds – Minimum of 1,000 page views per day, specific quality content based blogs, and premium ad placement is required to be considered into this quality advertising network.
  • CPX Interactive – This is a rapidly-growing ad network with global reach that serves more than 60 million impressions across more than 65 countries every month.

Email Marketing

One of the most lucrative and effective marketing methods that has an unlimited earning potential continues to come from email marketing.

The phrase, the “money is in the list” refers to email marketing and it is definitely true.

The list simply refers to people who sign up with an opt-in form on a site for a mailing list, often referred to as a newsletter.

It’s best to start building that list as soon as the site goes live so that all incoming traffic will be exposed to the opt-in.

The best way to build that list is to entice sign ups by offering something truly useful, such as a, product, eBook or guide that is related to the site content in return for the visitor’s subscription.

As your list grows you can send various offers and when you build a high quality and responsive list of buyers who trust your messages the earning potential is really unlimited.

Top Email Subscription Management/Auto Responder Services

In order to build a list you will need an email marketing service also known as an auto responder.

These are services that offer subscription and list management and automate the email process.

So, if someone signs up they take care of the legal notifications and subscription activations, send the bonus you offer for subscribing and allow you to easily correspond with your subscribers.

  • iContact – 30 day free trail, then starts at $14 per month for 0-500 email addresses and goes up from there.
  • Aweber – First month $1 then $19 a month for 0-500 email addresses and goes up from there. This is a very popular email and auto responder management service.
  • GetResponse – Free 30 day trial, then starts at $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers and goes up from there.
  • MailChimp – This one has a free option that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to fewer than 2,000 subscribers, but, it does not include all features. Paid membership starts at $10 for under 500 subscribers, $15 for 501 – 1000 and up from there.
  • Constant Contact – Free trial without Credit Card. Starts at $15 per month for 0-500 email addresses.

The Opt In Offer

To entice readers to subscribe it is best to offer something really valuable as a free gift, an eBook or information product in your niche works well, make sure that it has a high perceived value in order to increase opt-in conversions.

Subscription Form Placement

It’s important to place a call to action with your newsletter subscription form in prominent places on your site. Top of the sidebar and below content are great places.

At the end of stellar content is one of the best places for the opt-in form because most of the time when people get valuable information they will be much more likely to sign up to receive more.

Example Opt In Form:

Opt-in example

Sell Your Own Products or Services

Another excellent way to monetize your site is to turn your blog into a semi-market place to sell digital products.

Get and sell E-books, manuals, WordPress themes, videos, advanced WordPress plugins, SaaS, software components, PLR products and others.

Look for what people are willing to pay for, and create it. Then you can offer these products to people via your blog.

An example can be a person who sells a series of fictional stories in PDF.

You should know that a lot of people seek digital services more.

Besides selling products directly on your sites, and also on forums, you can also submit them to affiliate networks, like E-junkie, Paydotcom, Clickbank and JVZoo and get affiliates to promote for you, which is, very lucrative and can bring in an endless amount of revenue for a quality product.

Make sure to have an information page for potential affiliates on your site so they know how to sign up and promote your product.

Another great venue to sell marketing type products to other marketers is on Warrior Forum in the Warrior Special Offers section.

eCommerce Plugin For Wordpress


Woo offers a free and paid version of their plugin to sell physical and digital products. It is very useful and full of great features to create a high converting store.

There are many themes that support WooCommerce, and there are instructions on how to modify those that do not. Virtue Theme by Kadence themes is one of the best, and has a lot of customization options.


  • Offer discounts and coupons.
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Lots of paid add-ons to choose from.
  • Customize the look and feel of the checkout process.
  • Store registration membership set up with each sale.
  • Secure file serving and downloads.
  • 1 Click checkout.
  • Sales notification via email.
  • Autoresponder and delivery of digital products to customers.

Add A “Hire Me” Page To Your Site

If you are offering services, such as, coding, writing, or any type of freelance work then you should definitely advertise yourself with a “Hire Me” page clearly displayed on your site. 

While everyone has access to see your general blog posts and services you can create a private forum for members.

If you are a true expert, have premium content or products to offer you can set up a membership site and charge a set fee for access.

Members of this private forum may have access to special services, contents, or advice for a fee.

Imagine this forum as your blog’s VIP section.

For example, if your blog is about women’s skincare routine and treatment, you can create a private forum where you give personalized service and ingredients to the women.

Obviously in order to charge any price you need to provide real value for the members, and it needs to start with good faith, which comes from valuable free content, authority and trust offered on your site.

Membership Plugins For Wordpress

  • aMember ($179.95 for lifetime license with 6 months of free updates)
  • Accept subscription payments
  • Full management of customer profiles
  • Deliver digital content
  • Integrates with various blog, CMS and forum platforms
  • Send opt-in newsletters
  • In house affiliate program
  • And much More

Wish List Member ($97 Single Site License; $297 Multi Site License)

This is one of the most popular and most effective plugin to create membership sites.

  • Unlimited levels of membership.
  • WordPress ready.
  • Flexible Membership options and easy management of memberships.
  • Sequential Content Delivery
  • Control who can view content on the site.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Multi-Level Access.
  • Much more

Membership Plugin by WPMU Dev (free)

This plugin is used to convert Wordpress sites into a full membership sites. It offers various features like downloads for members, content management, forums, support portal and a lot more.

Launch Private Paid Forums

Private forums are becoming more and more popular, and those that truly offer valuable content and have a large membership can charge a monthly or one-time fee to access the boards.

With the recent havoc in SERPS caused by Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, a great idea might be to start a private forum where people can meet and discuss openly ranking issues they are having and other issues.

Also, these are great to use when you have a product or information to share that is valuable and that you do not want to give away for free.

Best Forum Platforms

  • vBulletin
  • phpBB
  • Vanilla

Paid To Blog Options

PayPerPost were the original inventors of this model and now there are plenty of places you can make money from blogs by writing paid reviews.

Many readers can become irritated by ads when they see several in your blog posts. This can negatively affect the user experience.

Having too many advertisements on your blog can also be problematic from the perspective of search engines.

In the long run, having a high ad-to-content ratio can hurt your business since Google Panda penalizes sites with high ratios in addition to turning off users.

You will then become less noticeable in organic search results.

Sponsored reviews and sponsored blog posts can help you overcome this problem.

Rather than posting too many advertisements, you can approach brands to promote their products through sponsored posts.

Think about partnering with brands in your niche to promote their products through educational content on your blog.

If they are interested in sponsoring your content, they can choose to do so.

There are sponsored reviews available for all topics and niches.

For instance, a health blogger might write about the effect of certain medications for a pharmaceutical company.

Alternatively, if you have a technology blog and a particular software solution helped you solve a specific problem, you could discuss this in a video post.

You can also make money with paid reviews by offering sponsored posts directly and skipping the middle man networks.

Each sponsored ad has a post beneath it to indicate its sponsorship. Make sure to familiarize yourselves with the new FTC Paid Reviews Blog Rules and Fines prior to participating.

Best Paid Blogging Networks

  • PayPerPost
  • Blog Dash
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • BlogVertise

This was a great idea that was made popular by a site called TechMeme. They offer advertiser listings to related blog post links in the sidebar of their blog, and charge a monthly fee.

The order in which the sponsored links appear is determined by readers being polled on a constant basis. Now TechMeme is a PR7 site with very high traffic, so they charge $6000+ a month per ad, and they have about 5 sponsored links at any one time, $30,000 per month, not too shabby!

This can work for all sites that have decent traffic, a following and a good amount of daily page views to attract sponsors.

Monetizing Podcasts

Listening to recorded audio isn’t as difficult as reading a long thread.

Pat Flynn, one of the top marketing podcasters on Apple iTunes, says podcasting is a very effective way to market yourself and your website.

The number of podcast listeners has grown tremendously since podcasts began.

Additionally, since you are just starting to monetize your blog, podcasts are a more viable option.

Podcasts can help you get more traffic to your blog as well as generate income.

On your podcasts, it is possible to create long and comprehensive episodes that are divided up into parts.

You can host your podcasts through Plugins or media sites like;

  • Libsyn
  • Blubrry
  • Buzzsprout, and co

Sponsored Podcasts

One way to monetize podcasts is to engage sponsors by researching popular podcasts in your niche to find out who is sponsoring them and then reach out.

Create Show Notes

The show notes can be used to steer listeners to your products, affiliate links for products related to the podcast and you can list any services you offer on the notes as well.

Create Audio Books From Podcasts

Another great way to make money from podcasting is to compile all your best podcasts into an audio book and sell it on sites, such as, Audible.

Paid Podcasts

If you have a very popular podcast you can engage those listeners with a private podcast designed for members only and charge a fee.

Sell online courses

People are looking for content online and will jump at the available site that can give them such.

Create courses in; culinary art, explain a subject, a traveler’s guide, or a “how-to “ series. People will be willing to buy these if you put in good work.

Distance learning is growing to be a popular thing these days, and you can make money by selling intuitive courses.

Offer coaching or consulting services

You can share the things you know on your blog and become a paid coach.

Either as a life coach, Diet coach, business development, Career, and whatever kind of coach, there are people out there seeking ‘direction.’

Make your services simple and easy to follow, and offer them a chance to be better through your blog. It will fetch you a lot of money. A good example is giving out fitness instructions through your blogs.

Write and sell Kindle EBooks on your blog.

Most people have a problem reading long, continuous trends or following up with scattered information. You can pack up such information in an E-book. And then market and sell this E-book through your blogs. You can create an E-book on health and wellness, business trends, economy, politics, and so on.

Choose a niche which you fit perfectly, and ensure to create quality information in your E-book.

You will likely lose your organic search ranking if caught doing this, or get other penalties from Google if caught. Even so, many bloggers and website owners still sell contextual blog post text links and/or sidebar links to make money.

Make sure that the links you sell are always relevant to your site if you sell links, because irrelevant links are a big red flag to Google. Links to weight loss sites on computer sites, for example.

Links to casinos, pharma (Viagra) and similar sites are also red flags.

Avoid blogrolls that have tons of links; overall, contextual links on posts and pages are better than sidebar/blogroll links as Google ignores them because of the abuse they have seen in recent years.

Private business-to-business sales are the best way to sell links.

You might receive offers from private link brokers who handpick the sites that they wish to place links on for their clients. These are the best providers because there is no footprint like with link networks that require you to place some type of code or plugin on your site.

Several paid links networks exist today, some of the best of which have been heavily penalized by Google in recent years with complete de-indexations.

Because there are no networks that are really safe to use, either you have to place a code on your site leaving a trace, or they blatantly display your URL on their site for buyers to see.

A safe way to sell links is to go to forums such as Warrior Forum or Digital Point, which all have Buy/Sell links sections, where you can connect with prospective buyers one-on-one.

In a forum post, you can advertise, but never put your URL in the post. Send your URLs only via private message.

Do you think this is paranoid? I don’t think so. The reality is that all your hard work on your most important sites might go straight down the drain if Google believes you’re selling links. The problem is less severe with throwaway sites.

Bottom Line

As you can see there are many ways to monetize your sites.

In all these methods of making money through your blogs, one important thing stands out; you should also create quality content. Creating quality content irrespective of the topic will bring more loyal readers/followers to your blogs.

Also, seek other means to advertise your blog by sharing links to friends and posting on your social media page.

Blogging has made a lot of people rich. With smart work and consistency, it will make you rich.

With some careful consideration and testing you can have a profitable site that can earn you passive income for years to come!

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