Using Social Ads to Generate Job Interviews

social ad for dream job

Social ads are a powerful and effective medium that you can use to grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring decision maker with an ad that is directly aimed at them. Landing your dream job is all about differentiating yourself from your competitors, and using social ads to target recruiters and hiring manager in this way is a powerful way stand out . Even if the people that see your ad don’t have an opening, they may know someone who does.

Remember, with social networks, it is the second and third degree of connections that matter most as far as you are concerned.

Targeted ads are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and showcase your social media skills. Because it is such a unique way of finding work, it will be easy for you to stand out, and often tends to be very effective.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads appear on the right side of a user’s Facebook page. Facebook provides one of the most targeted advertising options on the web. As a Facebook advertiser, you can choose to narrow down your targeting precisely to meet your ideal customer profile so that whoever clicks on your ad is highly likely to be in your target market. You can target people by their location, company, job position, etc. so that your ad is seen only by people in that target demographic.

Facebook offers different categories of ads that appear in News Feeds and the desktop sidebar of the Facebook homepage. Facebook structures the advertising process differently depending on whether you’re advertising within Facebook or a website.

Essentials of Writing Effective Ads

Here are guidelines to keep in mind as you write your social ad:

  1. Mirror the language of the people you are targeting in your ad. You want to appear as professional as possible.
  2. Be very clear and specific in your ad text. Every click is costing you money, so there is no room to be unclear in what you have to offer so that you avoid irrelevant clicks. For example, if you’re skilled in search engine optimization (SEO), advertise yourself as a search engine optimization specialist, rather than a digital marketing expert.
  3. Focus on the value that you offer rather than qualifications in your ad. The benefit that you highlight is what will serve to convince a recruiter or hiring decision maker to click on your ad.
  4. Your ad needs to identify and fix a challenging problem that people in your target market are known to be facing. E.g. if you are searching for a job in search engine marketing, you can talk about the latest Google algorithmic update in your ad to show that you keep up with the latest trends in your industry.
  5. Spell out what sets you apart from your competitors: testimonials, accomplishments, and unique service propositions are all great incentives to highlight in your ad. You need to really sit down, brainstorm and figure out your USP because if you don’t, it will be hard for you to stand out from the crowd in the ultra-competitive job marketplace.
  6. Write your ad in a way that sets you apart from the other ads and connects you with your target market. Use this knowledge to differentiate your ad by including things like service guarantees and benefits in your ad.
  7. Direct the reader to check out your resume or personal website. When you tell someone what to do within the ad copy, it is going to cause them to look for that action on the landing page. Those who do not wish to take such action may not even click on your ad. Not including a direct call to action on your ad may affect CTR.
  8. Use the body copy to make readers an offer they can’t refuse with your desired outcome in mind. If that outcome is to get your readers to invite you for an interview, emphasize what the benefit of hiring you will mean to the reader.
  9. You should never really have only one ad running at a time. You should plan on rotating your ad every few days to keep things fresh, especially if you’re advertising to a small audience.
  10. Don’t be afraid to try something different. You will be testing multiple ads to find out which ones work best for you. In some of your ads, be bold and show some personality. Your main aim is to attract attention and impress your target audience by showing how social-media-savvy you are. A great ad will go a long way toward demonstrating your expertise.
  11. As you should be aware by now, your landing page is the first page the reader is taken to after clicking on your ad. Your landing page must be an extension of your ad copy. If you’re telling people to check out your resume, that is where the click should lead them. The landing page should be explicitly relevant to the keywords and the ad that the searcher clicked on, and it should revolve around one very specific topic: you.
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