Using Google Plus for Job Search

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Google handles a staggering 11 billion queries a month. It is the number one search engine for over 86% of users on the internet and the main way that majority of people search for people, products, services and information.

As a job seeker, being part of Google plus gives you one more powerful way to promote your personal brand, and connect with your target audience so that you can reach out to them in a different way. Google+ also offers a whole new way of reaching out and networking with other job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers.

Before you join the conversation on Google+, you’ll want to first of all make sure that your target audience is present on the platform to avoid wasting your time. Google+’s audience is unique, and has been described as techy, serious, academic, but thoughtful, helpful and engaging.

Using Google Plus Circles to Organize Your Job Search

It’s very easy to get disorganized and distracted, especially in a search that involves using the web. Anything that helps you to stay focused and more organized will save you time, and Google+ Circles conveniently allow you to organize your contacts into different groups. You can create very targeted Circles for recruiters, career coaches, hiring managers, HR personnel, fellow job seekers, etc. This allows you to send out very targeted communications to specific audiences in different Circles. This can help keep things very organized.

Following are a number of ways in which you can use Circles strategically:

  1. Use keywords to search for and engage in the relevant conversations that are taking place. Create targeted circles based on the groups of targeted people that you plan to communicate with on G+.
  2. Organize your social connections into specific Circles so that you are able to identify groups of people based on your circle names.

Creating Effective Posts on Google+

Before you start posting, read other posts to see what people are talking about.  To create a post, just click on the “Share what’s new” box below the Google+ toolbar on your homepage. Then designate which of your Circles you’d like to receive the post. You also have the option of sharing your post with your extended Circles which are like your second-degree connections on LinkedIn, in that they are the Circles created by those in your own Circles. Finally, you may designate your post as public if you so choose.

How to Build an Engaged Community

The most effective method for building a targeted and receptive audience on G+ is the same as with any other social media site: Be social. Being social involves actively engaging with your audience. It’s important to tailor your posts for the specific audience you want to engage with. You want to stand out among the Google+ community, and effective posts that are relevant to your target audience will help you to do that.

Engaging with your target audience also means joining in the relevant conversations that are taking place and adding value when you do so. One of the most special benefits of G+ search over other social network search tools such as Facebook Graph Search is the fact that you can directly respond to a conversation in the G+ search results.

For example, if you perform a search for a term like “finding a job through google plus”. Not only will G+ show you the best posts on G+ Communities, it will show you conversations taking place about G+ communities in real time. Furthermore, you can join in the conversation by typing a status update into the “Join the Discussion About …” box at the top. You can post right from the search results. So, search for mentions of industry-related keywords.

For convenience, save your searches so they appear on your left sidebar for quick reference. Monitor your saved searches daily and respond to mentions, comment on threads and re-share people’s posts. Even a +1 or a simple “thanks for the mention” or “great post” lets others know that you’re social and paying attention.

People that merely broadcast to, or talk at, their target audience are increasingly less likely to create new followers or engage their audience, while those who interact with and engage their audience regularly in meaningful social conversations are far more likely to win over their target audience.

Use G+ Communities
G+ Communities are increasingly being recognized as one of the most powerful networking tools on the internet. Similar to groups, but much more powerful and robust, G+ Communities offer professionals the opportunity to increase their visibility and build their brands.

G+ also allows job seekers to actively participate in Communities and even start their own as themselves. This means that you can write posts; share links, photos, and videos; even create Community-only Events or Hangouts . This is an extremely powerful feature, because it allows you to tailor your messages to build brand awareness.

As with other sites, actively sharing is very important on Google+, which gives you the chance to genuinely help people by answering questions and creating postings that highlight your knowledge, skills and expertise.

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