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How To Make Your Affiliate Blog Successful: 7 Essential Pieces Of Content

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The content that the most successful affiliate marketers create for their readers is the secret to their success today.

The aesthetics of your site and the number of visitors you receive do not determine your success. 

Your visitors won’t stick around long enough to click on your affiliate links if they don’t find your content useful or valuable.

Moreover, they won’t return again if they leave.

That is why the quality of the content you create for your website will be the biggest factor in your affiliate marketing success.

This post will examine the seven most important types of articles you should write for your visitors.

Without most of these articles, you won’t be able to attract the most profitable traffic to your website, which means you won’t be making much money. 

Let’s check out these essential article types.

Table of Contents

  1. Educational guides
  2. Informational articles
  3. How-to articles
  4. Product reviews
  5. Best of … articles
  6. Direct comparison review articles
  7. List articles

Educational Guides

These are comprehensive articles that are designed to inform or educate your audience on a particular product in your niche.

Examples of educational guides:

These guide are also an excellent way to showcase your knowledge and expertise on the topic, which can help you build trust and authority, and attract an audience.

Your audience will keep coming back to your website if they know you’re an expert in a niche they are interested in.

It is important to keep in mind that educational articles are not money articles.

They are primarily designed to generate backlinks from websites in your niche and drive targeted traffic from various channels.

They are therefore crucial for search engine optimization (SEO).

Internet marketing experts suggest that around 25 to 30% of your website’s articles should be informational.

It is important to provide the entire picture of a topic when writing an informational article like this.

Aim for a minimum of 2000 words, with lots of comprehensive details and images.

Include a table of contents if your article is longer than 2,500 words, so readers can jump directly to the section they’re interested in.

If you choose to write a resource on a particular topic, aim to be the best in your field.

The goal is to provide comprehensive information regarding the topic so the reader does not feel the need to go anywhere else to get additional information.

You may not get sales from these articles, but they are extremely important because they educate your readers and establish your authority and credibility.

This page is meant to generate powerful backlinks for your business, so don’t plaster distracting affiliate links all over it.

That’s not what this type of content is for.

Informational Articles

Informational articles provide details and explanations about a given topic in order to inform the reader.

It is primarily meant to present facts about the topic.

An informational article covers all the relevant information, such as who, what, when, where, and why.

An article on training golden retrievers, for example, may include a history of dog training patterns, what people are training their dogs for as well as some training methods. 

The length of an informational article can vary depending on the topic. 

Here are examples of informational articles:

How-to Articles

How-to articles are similar to educational articles in that they are primarily designed to educate your visitors.

The point of these articles is not to persuade your readers to click on affiliate links.

These are tutorials that demonstrate step-by-step how to use a specific product you’re promoting.

So, if you sell dog accessories on your website, an example of a how-to article would be “How to cut a dog’s hair with clippers.

In the article, you can link to an article review page where you have reviewed 5 to 10 bestselling clippers.

Although how-to articles aren’t money pages, they can be linked to a money page on your site, which is why they are so valuable.

The more information you give on how to do use the products you’re selling, the more likely your readers are to be interested in it.

It will be easier for them to use the product now that you’ve taught them how to use it.

Create a lot of how-to articles about the products you’re selling because it is a great way to keep your visitors coming back for more.

A relevant video can also be embedded in your article if it corresponds to the topic.

An example would be a YouTube video demonstrating how to use the product you’re describing in the article. 

Product Reviews

A product review article is one of the biggest money-making pages on an affiliate marketing website.

When you review a product, you want to encourage as many people as possible to click the affiliate link on your site.

The quality of your review article will play a major role in the success of your site.

Essentially, a product review article is a detailed review of a particular product.

It’s one of the most popular types of content you’ll be creating to promote products on your site.

Review articles are written with the specific purpose of getting users to click on your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing sites depend heavily on product reviews for their success since the majority of customers read them before making a purchase.

Unless you have a large number of reviews on your website, you’re not going to get a lot of clicks on your links.

Crucially, this means you’re not going to make many sales.

You should spend a lot of time creating these posts because they are what will determine whether your visitors click your affiliate link or not.

Here’s a blueprint to follow when you are writing a product review article:

1. Thoroughly research the product.

Become familiar with the problems and pain points that the product solves for customers by conducting thorough research.

Identify the questions that people commonly ask about the product.

To get this information, you can use tools like Google’s “people also ask” and the “Answer the Public” tool.

Type the product name into the search box and you will see all of the questions people ask about that product.

In your reviews, answer as many of those questions as possible.

Be sure to include all of the information that isn’t in the original product description.

2. Make your introduction compelling.

The introduction should focus on how the product solves the problem.

Explain why the product is the ideal solution to the problem it solves.

It’s not necessary to use more than 2 or 3 sentences to make this point.

3. Understand your ideal target customer.

It is crucial to understand the ideal buyer of the product, including their demographics, their behaviors, their likes, dislikes, etc.

What’s most important is to understand their problems and pain points, and how this product solves those problems and improves their lives.

4. Use emotion.

Through emotional appeal, you can sway a specific target audience to make a decision based more on their emotions than on logic or reason.

5. Make a list of the main features and convert them into emotionally appealing benefits.

A product’s features aren’t enough to motivate people to buy it.

It is the problem that the product solves that will motivate the prospect to purchase it.

Because of this, your review should emphasize the emotionally-driven benefits of the product and the difference it can make to prospective customers. 

Consider the following example: if a laptop you’re reviewing is aimed at travelers, rather than stating that the laptop has an 8-hour battery life, explain how the product can help the user become productive on an 8-hour flight.

6. Create a list of objections.

Objections are reasons people don’t buy a product.

If someone is considering buying a particular product, they will have objections and excuses to give, so it is crucial that you address these in your review.

Compile a list of the most common objections that might keep a customer from buying your product based on your knowledge and understanding of the product.

Make sure you address them all.

This emphasizes the importance of understanding the products you choose to promote on your affiliate website. 

7. Include the product’s downsides.

Your review will have more authenticity if you mention the product’s disadvantages.

People read reviews to learn what the product’s downsides are.

Consumers understand that no product can be perfectly designed.

Several of your users will question your motives for omitting the product’s disadvantages from your review.

As a result, they will feel that they are not getting all the information, and they will continue their search and purchase from a competitor who provides them with all the information. 

By highlighting the product’s disadvantages, you build trust and authority.

Your conversion rate will suffer if you do not mention the product’s downsides.

8. Describe how the product differs from alternatives.

Many of your users may question your motives if you only review one product on your site.

This may lead to speculation that you have a vested interest in it, or maybe you were compensated by the creator of the product.

This is why discussing alternatives is always essential.

When you do that, you demonstrate that you have the needs and interests of users in mind by not favoring any particular product.

You’re showing that it matters to you that your audience get the highest quality products, not the products that earn you the highest commission.

That way, your reviews will gain more credibility.

9. Include a FAQ section.

Your reviews should contain a FAQ section where you answer readers’ common questions before they buy the product.

This is an opportunity for you to clarify any doubts they may have about buying the product.

10. Try not to sound as if you’re selling anything.

Your post should provide the buyer with as much information about the product you are reviewing as possible, so that they can make an informed purchase decision based on your review.

As a reviewer, your job is not to sell, but to inform the reader about the product’s features and benefits in a way that will intrigue them.

Readers who sense that you are biased will not trust your review.

Here’s a good example of a product review: Slicker brush review

Best of Articles

A “Best of…” article is a classic money page on an affiliate website.

This is one of the most influential articles that you can create for your affiliate marketing website.

An example of a best of article would be “Best backpacks for travelers under $50”, in which you would talk about five or ten backpacks under $50.

A best of article is similar to an independent product review.

The difference is that in this case, you’ll be writing mini reviews of products on one page.

In affiliate marketing, best of articles are the most powerful content since they drive more conversions than individual product reviews.

The reason for this is that instead of talking about one product, you’re talking about five to ten.

The reviews will not be as comprehensive as those of individual products.

Still, they can generate a lot of affiliate clicks for you simply because you are talking about so many different products and you are giving your readers a lot of options.

About 40% of an affiliate site’s articles should be best of articles.

The more best of articles you have on your website, the more clicks on your affiliate links you’ll get.

As with individual product reviews, it is critical that you understand who you are writing for in order to highlight the benefits and features that they will find most compelling.

You should also include lots of attractive images and videos of the products that you are writing about.

An independent product review can be written using the same template as a best of article.

Here’s an example of a Best of article: https://dogscessories.com/best-dog-clippers/ .

Best of articles may be time-intensive, but they are worth the time it takes to write them.

Direct Comparison Review Articles.

A comparison review pits two top-selling products against one another.

An example of a comparison review article would be Sony vs Samsung: which one should you buy?

Comparison articles are another important type of review, and the more of these types of articles you create, the better.

A comparison article where you compare two products head to head are generally written for people who are at the advanced stage of the buying cycle.

Due to the fact that these are the only products that catch their attention, those reading your article will highly likely click your affiliate link based on the information you provide.

You will also have fans of either product who lean towards one or the other.

That means your review needs to be balanced.

Regardless of whether one of those products is your favorite, you must remain completely neutral and present the most accurate review for both.

You may lose the reader if you don’t provide enough details about either of those products, so they may click to buy from a competitor’s site.

Therefore, you must ensure that you are 100% unbiased and impartial.

If you want to write such an article, you can list out the features and benefits of Samsung and then say, “If you want those features, get Samsung.

Then list out the features of Sony and say, “If you want those other things, get Sony.

Here’s the best Samsung TV, here’s the best Sony TV.

In doing so, you demonstrate how each product fits different types of individuals.

You’re not alienating anyone here, you’re just highlighting which product might be a better fit for certain people, depending on what they need from a TV.

Here’s an excellent example of a comparison review article:


List Articles

The best thing about list posts is how versatile they are.

They are some of the most popular article types on the web, especially with women.

An example of a list post could be:

Top 10 advantages of Chromebook laptop

There is a lot you can do with list articles.

For example, if you choose to write about The Top 10 toys for 10 year olds, you can educate, entertain and inform your readers.

You can also link to specific Amazon pages for each toy.

In a massive study of 100 million list posts, lists that have 10, 23, 16 or 24 items were found to be the most popular.

So, when you create your list posts, make sure you include these numbers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Before you start working on your own articles, research the top ranking articles in your niche so that you can follow the exact blueprint of what is working in your niche.

I would highly recommend that you only write product reviews for products that cost over $100 because of the amount of work involved in creating them.

Aim to publish at least one review a week for best results.

You may publish as many reviews as you want, but a minimum of one review per week is recommended.

That would amount to at least 52 articles in a year.

Final Thoughts

Now, not everyone is naturally gifted at writing.

The quality of your content will determine whether your affiliate marketing business is successful or not.

If your content is subpar, you will lose visitors to your site, which will negatively affect your business.

Outsource the work if you aren’t an excellent writer.

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