Maximizing Facebook to Quadruple Your Job Interviews


Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet, boasting over 2 billion members, and over 1.5 billion monthly active users. According to a recent JobVite survey, 65% of employers use Facebook in their recruiting.

Because so many employers search and/or use Facebook to meet their recruitment needs, you can successfully leverage the visibility that Facebook provides. You can use Facebook to showcase how savvy you are at social media, and leverage it to also demonstrate your skills and expertise for the position you are looking for.

Facebook provides a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes to establish their brand, increase awareness, attract followers and forge relationships with their target audience. And with many companies now using their Facebook Page to attract and engage job candidates, Facebook can open you up to endless opportunities to land an interview for your dream job.

With Facebook, you can:

  1. Develop genuine relationships with recruitment consultants, hiring managers and other potential employers.
  2. Generate awareness of your personal brand.
  3. Control what information people can find about you.
  4. Listen to what potential employers and recruiters are saying about you.
  5. Establish credibility as an authority in your niche.

It is however important to note that over 70% of employers have rejected job seekers based on inappropriate photos, comments, and sharing on Facebook that the searches found for them.

How to Generate Interviews for Your Dream Job on Facebook

Use the following guidelines to land your dream job on Facebook:

Set Your Facebook Goal and Objectives

The first step in creating a successful job search strategy on Facebook is to establish clear and measurable goals and objectives, and define the specific tactics and strategies you’ll be using in the process. In everyday language, a goal acknowledges what you want to accomplish.

Essentially, your goals are the broad, long-term results you want to accomplish whilst your objectives are the more specific results that will drive you forward in the direction of attaining your ultimate goal.

An example of a good job search goal is to get an offer for a position that fits your interests, skills, values and personality.

For example:
To find a full-time job as a social media manager on Facebook within 30 days, New York based, offering potential for growth, earning circa $75k plus a performance related bonus and full benefits.

Setup Your Facebook Profile  for Job Search

It is critically important to customize your Facebook profile for your job search so that you are giving the right impression to your target audience. There’s every chance that you will be checked out by potential employers to get some insights into your character and personality, and you can use your Facebook profile to communicate a lot of information about yourself.

You want your personal brand to be communicated widely, but you also want to make sure that recruiters get the right impression of you when they visit your profile. So, you probably want to make a number of settings private, including friends, relationships, religious and political views, places you check into, photos and videos you’re tagged in, comments, Wall posts by friends and things you’re interested in.

Use the little padlock at the top of your profile to visit privacy shortcuts. What you’re looking for is the “Who can see my stuff” setting. The first choice “Who can see my future posts?” will allow you to change the viewing permissions granted to different audiences.

The second option “Where do I review who can see or find things I’ve posted or been tagged in?” allows you to view your activity log in detail. Your activity log allows you to see the items you’ve posted, friends’ posts that appear on your timeline and pictures you’ve been tagged in.

Facebook gives you the flexibility to control how much you share with visitors to your profile, and what others can share about you.

You can also use Limited Access lists to prevent recruiters and potential employers who you have friended, from gaining access into your personal life.

Follow the steps below to create a Limited Access list:

  1. Click on the Account tab at top of the page.
  2. Click on Edit Friends from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the Create a List button and name the new list “Limited Access”
  4. Scroll through your Friends list and add anyone to your Limited Access list who you may want to restrict certain information from.
  5. Return to your Privacy Settings page and click on Customize Settings.
  6. Go through the list of “Things you Share”, pick the Customize option from the drop-down and add your Limited Access list under the “Hide this from” section.

With this setting, you can now choose what you want to exclude recruiters you have befriended from.

Education and Work

Fill these areas in completely. Start by using a descriptive title or headline that showcases your expertise. Be sure you use your most important industry keywords because they are the life blood of recruiting and job hunting.

Keep in mind that hiring managers and recruiters tend to look for inconsistencies in your resume or CV. So it is important to make sure that you are thorough, and that these areas are consistent with your LinkedIn profile and resume.

For your accomplishments, be sure to take advantage of the “Add a Project” option under each employer so that you can work in full details about those accomplishments.

About Me

The About Me section of your Facebook Profile is an important aspect of using Facebook for job search in that you can use it to establish your personal and professional credibility and communicate the most important things about yourself.

With all the recent enhancements that Facebook has made to that part of your profile, you can use your About section as your new resume.

Essentially, your Facebook About section is the most effective way to showcase all of who you are through your talents, background, experience, passions, interests, and areas of expertise. It should also be consistent with other aspects of your online presence, including your LinkedIn profile.

Add Your Professional Skills

A few years ago, Facebook added a “Professional Skills”portion to the “About” section. Underneath work and education, add your top skills and competencies to optimize your professional appeal.

Your Wall

Whenever you post something to your wall, bear in mind that you are communicating with everyone, including hiring managers and recruiters. Your aim should be to post strategically, with branding in mind. Take the opportunity to showcase why you’d be such a fine fit at your target organization.

Some things to include, then, might be

  1. Links to articles you’ve written on industry related matters; e.g. common SEO problems, such as “Building a link wheel organically in 2013.”
  2. Links to videos showing you speaking before a group.
  3. Post your value statement on your Wall and allow Everyone to view it, so that it can get indexed by Google.
  4. News about interesting SEO projects you’re working on, such as rebuilding the link profile of a friend’s website that has been affected by Google’s algorithm update.
  5. Short blurbs about social media Webinars or podcasts you’ve been watching, tips, how-tos and advice about solving common SEO problems, etc.
  6. Interesting photos of your life that get people thinking.
  7. Include interests that demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for SEO and social media.
  8. Share industry-related content from time to time: At least once a week, post something related to professional developments in your industry, and make sure that everyone in your network is set to receive this post. For example, if LinkedIn have recently updates certain aspects of the social network, you can be the first one to share the information with your network.
  9. Post job related questions and requests for referrals to your network. For example, if you are interested in working at ABC company, you can say to your audience “I’m looking to work as a social media strategist with ABC company. Do you know of anyone in marketing at ABC?

Update Status:

You can use the Update Status area (at the top of your page) to let people know that you’re in the job market but in a way that doesn’t give the impression that you’re seeking a position with just any company. For example, if you’re interested in a digital marketing role, you could state that you’re happy to work with a company that is not currently achieving positive ROI from their SEO and social media efforts.

Your Facebook Page

You can build a Facebook Page to create a fully branded Facebook presence and communicate your personal brand across your targeted audience. Branding is integral to the success and growth of your career. Basically, its very essence is to create an online presence that creates a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience and the internet in general. You can leverage Facebook Pages to create a personal brand that promotes confidence, trust and will serve to enhance your career.

Nowadays, at some point in the job search process, hiring managers, recruiters, and potential employers in general, will google your name to find out more about you. Your search results will be one of the key factors in whether a recruiter reaches out to you or not.

Given the extent to which potential employers use search engines as research tools today, building your personal brand online has become a critical component of your career marketing efforts. A well-developed and established brand builds recognition and establishes trust. Individuals that are well branded also stand out from their competitors.

The key to branding yourself on Facebook lies in identifying your target audience, demonstrating exactly why you are better than your competitors and creating the right perception about your personality in the eyes of your target audience.

Interaction is Key

“Like” pages of employers you’re interested in. This will allow you to get daily updates about their activity and links to available job applications.

It is important to understand that Facebook’s News feed is automatically set to show posts of only people you’ve recently interacted with. What this means in effect, is that if you are not interacting with the most important people in your network on a regular basis, they may stop receiving your updates, and you may miss out on important communications.

Typically, you have two weeks after a person has joined your network before they stop receiving updates from you if you don’t engage with them. If you have identified important people in your network, be sure to comment on their Wall posts, include them in your own Wall posts with tags, and interact with them at least every two weeks. This will ensure that they continue to receive updates from you and vice versa.

Content is King

Content is the foundation of the conversations that you will have with your target audience, and that is what you can use to effectively define your brand on the platform. If you know and understand your target audience inside and out, you will be best able to tailor content that they will speak to them, and that they will find relevant, useful and appealing. This will inspire them to listen, connect and engage with you.

This is why it is so crucial to understand your target audience. Knowing and understanding your target audience will provide valuable insights into their wants and needs. This will give you the confidence to create compelling and relevant content that they will find useful, valuable and relevant.

Your Facebook Photos.

All of your tagged photos appear first in your profile. Go through each photo and untag any of them that may put you in a bad light. If you have professional photos or strong candid shots that show you doing positive things in your community, feature them prominently on your profile.

Facebook Job Apps

Several companies have developed Facebook apps designed for job seekers that can help in your quest:

  1. Branchout
  2. Jibe
  3. Simply Hired
  4. Career Amp
  5. Innovate CV
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