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6 Ways In Which Your Thoughts Can Affect You

by A Hospidales
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The way we view the world and think about things makes up a large part of our personality. It’s important to understand that one’s general attitude and thinking process have a profound impact on how they live and how they experience life.

1. Positive Thinking

Our lives can be improved significantly if we have a general positive outlook on life and choose to think optimistically. Positive thinking can not only improve your outlook on life but also improve your health, according to the Mayo Clinic.

It is possible to experience less stress when we try to think positively, and to be motivated to lead healthier lives.

The benefits of positive thinking include:

  • Longevity
  •  Prevention of depression
  •  Immunity against basic illnesses
  •  Increased well-being mentally and physically
  •  Healthier heart
  •  Capacity to cope with stress

2. A negative attitude.

We often dwell on negative thoughts, suggests LCSW, Rev. Nancy Colier. We are more inclined to relive a negative experience than a positive one, she believes. The implication is that there is a tendency to think negatively, dwell on the past, and judge ourselves harshly.

A negative mindset can cause us to feel stressed and anxious about the future. Generally, if we cannot imagine good things occurring to us, we tend not to try new things or assume that nothing good will happen.

3. Having confidence in yourself.

According to psychologist Hendrie Weisinger Ph.D., confidence is the degree to which you think and believe that your actions will be successful. By thinking in a confident manner, the world truly opens up to us. Our belief that we can achieve something motivates us to work toward achieving it.

When we think with a solid, healthy degree of confidence, we have a proper sense of our worth and capabilities. As a result, we realize that we are capable of achieving things and are willing to work harder for better lives.

4. Being insecure about our own abilities.

Alice Boyes, Ph.D., a psychologist, believes that those who lack confidence and who think this way miss out on valuable experiences. Having unconfident thinking makes it seem as though you can’t achieve anything. People with low self-confidence often feel that no one cares about their opinions or that their abilities are lacking. You are surrendering to a lesser life if you don’t believe you have a right to be confident.

5. Victim mentality

There are several indications of a victim mentality according to WebMD, including feeling helpless, catastrophizing, believing others are against you, and feeling alone.

You can become apathetic, fearful, and develop unhealthy habits as a result of victimizing yourself. In the case of people who fear they have been cheated or have been pushed down by others, these thoughts often lead to surrendering to these thoughts and fail to live a fulfilling life.

The victim mentality leads to giving up on things, blaming others for your failures, and generally weakens you.

6. The passive mind type.

According to psychologist Guy Winch Ph.D., people who have a passive mindset are more likely to use this mindset as an excuse for not trying. If you think passively, you’ll live a life that revolves around not making an effort to improve things.

They also believe that things just happen and cannot be changed, and that everything is luck-based. People with this mentality lack drive because they don’t see the point in striving for a better life.

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