How to Get Your Affiliate Application Approved Every Time

How to Get Your Affiliate Application Approved Every Time

A significant amount of an affiliate manager’s time is used in affiliate recruitment. Many affiliate networks approve applications instantly, but this is not the same for all networks. A lot of people get turned down. This tends to happen for two main reasons:

1. They think the application is fraudulent. This is because a good percentage of signups are from fraudsters who use stolen credit cards and other fraudulent methods to drive sales.

2. They think you’re going to waste their time.   

If you are an aspiring affiliate, here’s how to increase the chances of getting your affiliate application approved.

Optimize your website URL

Your website URL is the first thing that most affiliate managers will check out. It is the most important area of your application. So, make sure that:

1. Your website is live.

2. Your website content is relevant to the affiliate program you are applying for. For example, if you write about things like web hosting and internet security, there’s no point applying to a fashion affiliate program.

3. Your website is not overloaded with banner ads.

If you don’t have a blog, you may still be approved if you are active on social media with a following on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In this case, you would include your largest and most active social media profile in the website URL section when applying.

Optimize your bio

Your bio is your chance to shine. This is your chance to tell the affiliate manager who you are and what you can do for them. Talk about your mastery of the niche you’re specializing in. Let them know that it is a niche that you’re passionate about.

If you have a personal connection with the product you’re selling, say so. For instance if you’ve applied to sell an acne product and you’ve had to deal with the condition in the past, talk about your personal experience with acne. This will make you a stronger candidate.

Have a plan of action

Whenever you apply to a new affiliate program, the manager needs to be confident in your ability to drive sales for the company. This means you need to have a plan to show that you’re serious about having a successful affiliate marketing business.

Your plan should consist of the specific promotional methods that you’re going to use to generate sales or conversions. Make sure you read the program’s terms and conditions to know what is not allowed. You need to show that you are focused and determined.

Here’s a list of promotional methods and what they mean:

  • Email marketing: You will promote affiliate products to your list.
  • Content marketing: Your include affiliate links in your content.
  • Social media marketing: You’ll include affiliate links in some of your social media updates.
  • Paid ads: You’ll run ads on Google, Bing and social media to drive sales.
  • Display advertising: You’ll drive affiliate sales through banners on your website.
  • Comparison/Review: You’ll review and compare affiliate products. 

Using the guide above should help get you approved to every affiliate program you apply to.

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