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Get Paid to Workout and Lose Weight

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Being physically active is one of the simplest and most effective methods of lowering the risk of major illnesses and improving your health and wellbeing.

This is true no matter how old you are.

Yet at a time when everyone can practically do anything online from the comfort of their computer chairs, exercising can seem like a losing argument.

Despite the fact that medical experts tell us everyone should exercise, only 23% of the population in the United States gets the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

But what if you got paid to get healthy?

As unlikely as it may seem, there are legitimate apps that pay you to work out.

Money is an incredibly powerful motivator for many of us, so getting paid to exercise just might be the catalyst that gets you moving.

There is research to support this.

The Mayo Clinic found that people who were rewarded for sticking to their weight loss programme lost 62 percent of their weight compared to 26 percent for those who did not receive financial incentives.

In this post, we will explore some of the best apps that reward you for exercising!


With HealthyWage, you can make money by placing a bet on your weight loss journey.

The HealthyWage calculator can help you figure out how much money you might win based on your weight loss target and time frame.

You can participate in ten challenges simultaneously.

The first step is to set a goal. You bet on how much weight you will lose during a specified timeframe, which can be from a few weeks to a few months.

Upon reaching your goal, you will receive payment via PayPal or Amazon credit.

Betting ranges from $100 to $995 per month, and you must put at least 10% of your body weight as your goal.

To get started, you need to verify your weight at a gym and upload a video at the beginning and the end of your weight loss program.

Besides the individual bets, HealthyWage also offers $10,000 team challenges.

In case you’re wondering how the company makes money, they get their funds from government subsidies, corporate sponsorships, and lost bets.

Get the app:


The MapMyFitness app tracks your fitness activity and offers rewards for completing challenges.

There are different activities, rules, and prizes for each challenge.

Exercise logs can be used to track walks, runs, and bike rides, among other things.

The app collects route data via the GPS, manual mapping via their website, and connected devices, such as Garmin GPS monitors.

If you travel 1,019 kilometers (633 miles) in 2021, Under Armour, their corporate partner, will reward you with special offers.

In addition, you are only allowed to travel 150 miles each day.

A challenge can last anywhere from a couple weeks to a year.

Each month, top performers receive prizes, and at the end of the year, the grand prize is given away. 

Get the app:

  • Download for iOS devices here.
  • Download for Android devices here.


Weight loss can be a fun and rewarding experience with DietBet, a fitness app that lets you bet on your weight loss.

Similarly, HealthyWage works on the same principle.

Bets are made by participants as to whether they can lose a specific percentage of their body weight within a set period of time. It’s usually between $20 and $50.

People who reach the goal get their money back, and they share in the prize money.

Its website reports that over 400,000 people have lost 5 million pounds through the program, with winners receiving more than $21 million. 

Get the app:

  • Download for iOS here.
  • Download for Android here.


Evidation (formerly Achievement) allows you to earn points for completing a variety of tasks.

You earn points by tracking your exercise, such as running, walking, swimming, and cycling.

Maintaining a food journal, tracking your sleep schedule, and taking part in surveys related to your health also gives you points.

You can exchange 10,000 points for $10 when you reach 10,000 points.

You can exchange it via PayPal for cash or gift cards.

It is also possible to donate directly to a charity from your earnings.

Rewards are paid within seven business days.

Get the app:

  • Download for iOS here.
  • Download for Android here.


 A unique fitness app that rewards you for exercising, Sweatcoin pays you for working out. Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency you can use to reward yourself for taking steps.

 With the app, you can track your steps using your phone’s health and fitness information as well as GPS.

 You can begin exercising right away once you download the app to your phone.

 To convert steps into sweatcoins, it must run in the background during workouts.
Every 1,000 steps you take outside will earn you $0.95 Sweatcoins.

You can get $25 in PayPal money for 500 Sweatcoins. 

So it takes approximately 75,000 steps to earn 500 Sweatcoins.

You can earn a maximum of 20 Sweatcoins per day with Sweatcoin.

In the company’s words, sweatcoins can be redeemed for “goods, services, and experiences ranging from anti-gravity yoga classes to high-tech shoes, to iPhones and Apple Watches.” 

Your sweatcoins can also be donated to a charity partner of the company.

Currently, Sweatcoin only tracks outdoor activity, so treadmills and steppers do not contribute to the overall total. Sweatcoin is an excellent way to get paid to walk if you walk a lot outside.

The alternative is to ride a bike outside, though some users have better luck tracking their miles when they keep their phones in their pockets while riding.

Get the app here:

  • Download for Android here.
  • Download for iOS here.


Runtopia is a running app that tracks your run using your GPS. You earn money while exercising, and an audio coach plays while you work out.

You can earn Sports Coins by participating in the app and completing daily tasks. These coins can be redeemed for products, free memberships, coupons, and even PayPal cash. The coupons expire on the first of March each year, so be sure to use them before they expire. 

Get the app here:

Charity Miles

By working out with Charity Miles, you can support several charities at the same time. Your exercise level will determine how much is donated to the charity of your choice. Runners and walkers can earn up to $0.25 for their favorite charity for every mile they run and walk. The same charity offers riders the opportunity to earn $0.10 per mile. Using Charity Miles is easy. You can either use it on your own or form a team. Creating a team for a cause you care about is a wonderful way to raise money for it.

The list of charities includes more than 40 organizations. Through the app, you can track your movement and earn money for your favorite charity for every mile you log. 

Some of the charities supported by the Charity Mile platform include:

  • Feeding America.
  • Alzheimer’s Association.
  • DoSomething.org.
  • Stand Up To Cancer.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • Achilles International.
  • World Wildlife Fund

And lots more.

According to their website, members Charity Miles have already earned more than 2.5 million dollars for charities.

Get the app:

  • Download for iOS here.
  • Download for Android here.

Final Thoughts

Staying healthy requires regular exercise. However, most of us struggle to motivate ourselves to work out regularly.

You won’t become rich with any of these apps.
However, staying motivated and active is the most worthwhile goal. If you can make a little extra money on the side, that’s a bonus!

I wish you success in your endeavors! 

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