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How to Make Money With Your Blog Using CPA Offers

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In this post, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about CPA marketing.

CPA marketing stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition marketing.

It is a type of affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed.

A sale does not have to be the result of that specific action.

That’s the main difference between CPA and traditional affiliate marketing.

Traditionally, affiliates only receive payment when a user makes a purchase.

CPA marketing, on the other hand, allows you to get paid even when there is no sale.

Instead, you are paid when the user completes a specific action.

These include:

  • filling out a lead gen form;
  • watching a video advertisement;
  • requesting a quote;
  • making a phone call;
  • installing an app;
  • signing up for a free trial, and, of course;
  • making a purchase.

Say, for instance, you’re an affiliate for an insurance company.

The company will pay you just for bringing them leads.

If you send someone to their site and that person fills out a quote, you will still be paid, even if the lead does not convert into a sale.

You will be credited with a conversion as long as the prospect fills out the quote and submits it.

That means you get paid.

You can also make a lot more money with CPA marketing than with traditional affiliate marketing.

Imagine, for instance, that you have a website that compares different kinds of car insurance.

When you promote multiple insurance companies on your website instead of just one, visitors will be able to compare quotes from all of these companies to find the lowest price. 

You will be paid by every one of those insurance companies if you have a CPA affiliate program with them, regardless of who makes the sale.

This shows just how profitable CPA marketing can be. 

To illustrate this process, let’s assume that you’ve chosen personal finance as your niche.

But personal finance is a very broad niche.

The most successful affiliate marketers don’t choose broad niches.

What they do is, focus on something that is even more specialized within that niche.

This is because when you are laser-focused on a specific niche, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to create quality content and build authority around that topic.

Many offers within the personal finance niche pay very well, and building authority around a sub-niche of personal finance would be the best strategy.

You should design your website around only one sub-niche, such as credit if that is your choice. Once your credit brand is established, and you’re already making X amount of money, you can choose to write content about another closely related sub-niche such as personal loans in order to make even more money.

The question now is, what sub-niche of personal finance should we focus on?

We could choose the sub-niche that offers the best CPA offers within personal finance, and then narrow down our niche based on the quality of those offers.

For our example, we’re going to go with debt as our sub-niche because there are some really fantastic offers in this niche.

The question is, how can you find the best CPA offers in the personal finance niche?

OfferVault can prove to be a valuable tool for you.

This is a really powerful tool that can help you find the perfect CPA offers to promote on your blog.

OfferVault is not an affiliate network in any sense.

You can think of it as a RSS reader.

The service aggregates thousands of affiliate offers from hundreds of affiliate networks, which makes it very easy for affiliate marketers to find offers.

Each network posts its offers for free.

This makes OfferVault a really convenient tool to find the perfect offers for your affiliate business.

Here are the different types of offers that are available on OfferVault:

Cost per call: This works in a similar way to  Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. The advertiser will, however, pay you based on how many calls they receive through your affiliate link. This is also known as Pay-per-Call.

Mobile Offers: Ideal for app developers looking to drive traffic from their apps.

Email/Zip Code Opt-in: This requires you to get visitors to submit their emails or zip codes for specific offers. 

If you like to promote an offer, you must apply to the network advertising the offer and get your affiliate links from them. All payments and commissions that you would earn will be paid for by the advertiser, not OfferVault.

You can find a plethora of products to promote, whatever your niche may be, just by typing in relevant keyword(s) on OfferVault.

How to use OfferVault

Like any search engine, OfferVault is easy and straightforward to use.

The first thing is to decide on the offers to promote.

Let’s look at how we can Use OfferVault to search for the perfect affiliate offer.

You can narrow down your search by keyword, country, category or network, but the quickest way to search the platform is by using niche-specific keywords.

When you type in the relevant keywords, you will find a wide range of products that you can promote. You should aim to find as many relevant offers as possible by having a good selection of keywords within your sub-niche.

Let’s say you want to specialize in a sub-niche such as tax debt.  

Simply type tax debt into the search field, and filter your search by country and category.

Straightaway the tool returns some very attractive offers.

screenshot offervault.com

Let’s choose IRS Tax Debt Relief. Pay per call.

With this offer, you get paid $100 for every caller with more than $10000 in debt who stays on the line for at least two minutes.

This is a type of a lead offer, which means the caller does not need to sign up for the service before you get paid.

So long as they stay on the phone for at least two minutes, you’re good to go.

To learn more about the offer, simply click on it.

This is the offer details page. From here, we can learn about the offer as a whole. 

This offer applies to the United States, as we can see. Even if you don’t live in the United States, you’re eligible to promote this offer. The offer itself is what is for US citizens only.

Essentially, these lawyers want to generate leads from US citizens who have over $10000 in IRS debt and wish to speak with an attorney.

You can also monetize under $10k, but you’ll need to ask the affiliate company for more details.

The terms and conditions of the offer are also provided.

It says the caller can’t speak to the IRS directly.

eLocal is the affiliate network that is providing the offer. So, they are the network that you would apply to.

As you begin to build your affiliate business, it is critical to build a strong relationship with the company you are promoting.

This is because if you perform well, they can help you become even more successful by providing access to things such as special promotions and discount codes that they don’t offer to other affiliates.

You’ll also have access to higher commission rates, as well as information about some things coming up.

You’ll also get this information earlier than other affiliates.

Therefore, keep in mind that you can always talk to somebody on the other end, and these guys want to see you succeed because when you succeed, they are also successful.

Step up and introduce yourself to these guys who are responsible for your affiliate income when you sign up for these offers.

Don’t wait for them to get in touch with you.

Contact them, introduce yourself, and learn more about them.

That person is going to be your contact with the company, so if you have any issues, that’s who you’re going to talk to.

Additionally, if you already have an established relationship with that person, you’ll be able to get answers to any questions more quickly.

Always do your research

Before you apply to any CPA offer, get into the habit of researching the affiliate company.

You’ll want to check out the company to find out what other affiliates are saying about them.

You want make sure that other affiliates have not had issues with pay and they have a good reputation.

Our next online resource actually compiles reviews of affiliate companies you can use to find out how they rank.

In addition, we can check reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business. If we are going to sign up with a company, we want to make sure it won’t mess with our money.

Now there is a “Full Landing Page Preview” link.

If you click it, you’ll be able to see what your prospects are going to see when they click on your affiliate link.

The landing page is going to play a key role in determining whether you sign up for the offer.

When you click on this landing page, ask yourself if that landing page is something that you would personally engage with if you were a customer.

Would you sign up to this offer if you were a prospect based on the look of the landing page?

If the landing page looks unprofessional and it is not something you would personally sign up to, then you’ll want to skip that offer.

Because if it doesn’t convert you, then it is probably not going to convert your prospects.

So, this is what this landing page looks like.

As we can see, this landing page looks clean, it looks professional and it looks like it is highly likely to convert prospects.

landing page

Once you have checked out the company and are interested in the offer, you can apply by clicking on the Join Network link.

Once you do that, you will be redirected to the merchant. This is where you communicate with an affiliate manager to help you get started.

They will explain to you what you need to do to promote this offer and earn money.

Once you’re done with that offer look though for more excellent offers.

And then repeat the process using different keywords.

By the time you’re done, you should have a collection of excellent offers that you can integrate into the design of your website.


This is another really powerful affiliate marketing resource that works in exactly the same way as OfferVault in that they also aggregate CPA offers from different affiliate networks.

But one thing you might notice is that oDigger tends to have more offers from companies in the UK than OfferVault, which is mainly focused on the United States.

Another thing you’ll notice is that oDigger has a few more features than OfferVault.

To search, just type in the keywords and click on Search. You can then browse the offers and choose the most suitable one.

If you want to filter your search based on affiliate offers from a specific company, you can select the network from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can search across all networks.  

The network reviews are probably oDigger’s most valuable feature to an affiliate.

This is a really useful tool since it allows you to see what other affiliates think about a particular affiliate network before you join.

To find out what affiliates are saying, first click on the “Network Reviews” tab. And then browse through to find the network that you’re looking to join.

Now, obviously if a network has really bad reviews, then you’ll want to stay away.

Because there have been situations where affiliates complain about certain networks not paying them for the leads that they’ve generated for them.

Having said that, there’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

There are times when the network is justified in withholding payment.

This is where affiliates send fake leads. So, the affiliate gets busted, the network refuses to pay for the fake lead, and the affiliate takes revenge by posting negative reviews about the network.

If you come across a network with lots of good reviews but a few negatives complaining about money being withheld, it’s probably OK to join that network.

However, if you have a network with a lot of negative reviews, you’ll want to stay away from that company, regardless of how attractive their offer is, since you might not get paid.

Your Website Design

A blog’s design can have a significant impact on an affiliate marketing business’ success.

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of site you should design.

There are 2 main types of websites that you can design for your affiliate marketing business.

  1. An authority site
  2. A niche website.

What is an authority site?

An authority site is a massive, content-driven site that has multiple traffic channels and multiple revenue streams.

The vast majority of content on the site is authoritative and informative, addressing a larger market.

You should not design this type of website if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing or have been doing it for a while but not been very successful thus far.

This type of site focuses on building a strong brand, growing an audience, and making money from a diverse range of sources within a very broad niche.

For example, an authority site that specializes in personal finance is going to cover all aspects of personal finance.

The following are a few examples of categories within the personal finance niche.


This is an authority site that has built a very strong brand in the personal finance niche.

One thing that may not be immediately obvious to you is that their business model is 100% CPA offers.

And the reason it may not be obvious is because they have done a really amazing job with integrating their CPA offers into their website’s design

As far as niches are concerned, you may notice that Nerdwallet has gone super broad.

They address a larger market with a lot of authoritative and informational content in personal finance. 

They can do this because they have the resources to go as broad as they can.

So they are offering credit cards, loans, broadband, phones, travel, mortgages, etc.

Even though the company has gone very broad, these CPA offers have been deeply integrated into the website’s design

The offers are part and parcel of the architecture of the website.

So, the company is not plastering links and banner ads all over the website.

But what you’ll really love about NerdWallet is that their website is super engaging and their content is very interesting.

You can easily find yourself spending hours on the site with all of the valuable content.

On the other hand, you as a beginner affiliate marketer will want to specialize in a niche.

Going broad like NerdWallet isn’t something you should even consider doing.

The reason I showed you their site is to give you an idea of how you can integrate your CPA offers into the design of your website just like they have done.

The other authority site is moneyunder30.

As the name suggests, this is a blog that is aimed at young adults under the age of 30.

Their business model is also 100% CPA.

They have successfully integrated affiliate offers into their design, just like NerdWallet.

Although you cannot begin with an authority site, you can aim for it in time if you wish.

But this is how you’ll want to design your own website, by integrating your CPA offers deep into the design of your website.

On the other hand, a niche site is focused on a very specific segment of a larger market.

Here’s an example:

sortmysite.co.uk is a niche website that talks debt and nothing else.

This is a high quality site with a lot of quality content.

The site was built around the topic of getting out of debt, and that is all the site talks about.

This site isn’t monetized.

They are solely focused on generating leads for their debt consultancy business.

But this is what a niche site looks like.

As far as design is concerned, the authority sites we examined are ones you can copy when you are creating your affiliate website.

Nevertheless, you would niche down and keep your site laser-focused on one particular sub-niche.

For example, if you want to turn debt into a sub-niche, you need to make your website only about debt.

As a result, when your visitors get to your website, they know that they will find a lot of engaging resources about how to get out of debt and nothing else.

No credit cards or anything else that is going to entice them to get into more debt.

Also, if we plan on marketing our business on Reddit, we’ll want to make sure that our personal brand is built around getting out of debt so that we are only sending highly targeted traffic to our site.

What’s great about affiliate marketing is that you can seamlessly integrate traditional affiliate marketing offers as well as CPA marketing offers into your website architecture.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: a complete guide to CPA marketing.

Let’s hear from you:

What are your thoughts on CPA marketing?

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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