Benefits of Internships

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Internships are some of the best ways to get your foot in the door at any organization. Getting direct exposure to many of the skills and real-life work experience sought after by employers when you graduate will greatly enhance your personal brand. It will also make you a more attractive and marketable candidate because you will require less training and will be assumed to be able to handle more job responsibilities.

Besides making connections that will help you land a job down the road, gaining relevant work experience, and getting to try the field out, there are other benefits of internships that should have you applying to internships.

Advantages of Internships

Improve Your Soft Skills.

Even if you don’t look for or get a job in the field of the internship you complete, you’ll acquire a great chunk of transferable skills to take to the market for permanent jobs. You’ll interact with people on a professional level in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do in the classroom. This will increase your confidence and allow you to sharpen your communication, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork and other highly valuable soft skills. Not only will this increase your value, it will give you an edge when competing with other classmates for a specific position.

You Can Interview Current Employees.

As an intern, you have access to people whose job title you might want someday. Ask if you can interview them to learn more about their positions. This access to someone with a position you are interested in can help you learn about the positive and negative aspects of the job in a way that just reading a job description on a position posting can never do.

A short, 20-minute interview that focuses on the questions you to which you want want to know the answer can make the entire internship worth your while. You’ll likely get information you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find about the job.

You Might Find a Paid Internship.

Not all internships are done on a volunteer basis. It’s possible that you might receive pay for your hard work. It might be a fixed payment that is to last the entirety of the internship, or you might earn an hourly wage. Whatever it is, those that do pay can yield quite decent salaires. 

Paid internships make it more feasible for you to focus your time and efforts on doing a good job at the internship and impressing your colleagues and less on having to work another job after your internship is finished for the day just to make ends meet.

Enhance Your Resume

An internship will provide you with valuable experience and accomplishments that you can use to significantly enhance your resume and stand out from the competition.