Apprenticeship – Kicking Off Your Dream Career as an Apprentice

apprentice ready for work

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a full-time position that provides a structured, on-the-job training experience in a highly-skilled profession. Apprenticeship programs are a fantastic way to learn while you earn, and provide an invaluable first step on the employment ladder for young people. In fact, this method of training may be the oldest form of learning anywhere. It was used even by early Americans, including George Washington (surveyor), Benjamin Franklin (printer), and Paul Revere (silversmith).

Apprenticeships offer a viable alternative to university for people looking for an affordable route to skilled jobs and careers. The process could take between one and four years to complete, and is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to gain the qualifications and real-world skills you need to succeed in your chosen career. In essence, finding work as an apprentice means you have a job that provides you with industry-relevant academic credentials, essential job skills and an income.

Mastering a completely new discipline requires an in-depth and committed training program, and this is where the entire process of apprenticeship shines. You get the hands-on, real world training that you need to get established in your chosen career and build a strong personal brand as an expert in your industry. For example, if you are interested in digital marketing career, you can apprentice under a digital marketing expert to learn different aspects of digital marketing such as search engine optimization and paid search.

Once you complete an apprenticeship training program, you will get an apprenticeship certificate which would be recognized nationwide. Your training doesn’t have to stop at the Intermediate, Advanced or Higher Level Apprenticeship. If you want to go on to university you will find that many institutes of Higher Education value your skills and knowledge and will happily offer you a place on a Foundation Degree or other higher level qualifications

Every apprentice follows an approved program of study, although your employer will decide how they want you to be trained to do their work. This ensures that you’ll have the qualifications, skills and experience that match exactly what your employer wants by the end of your apprenticeship. You’ll also become far more employable when you want or need to move on because you’ll be able to make an immediate impact wherever you go.

Getting an Apprenticeship

Today, there are hundreds of different occupational apprenticeship programs and categories in many countries around the world. You need to be aged 16 and over to get an apprenticeship as long as you’re not in full time education. There is no upper age limit.

However, getting an apprenticeship today is just as tough as getting a job because most people recognize that it is such a fantastic way to get into their dream career and learn the job from scratch. This means you need effectively differentiate yourself from the competition with a strong application form if you want to beat other candidates for your dream apprenticeship.

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