19 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links and Monetize Your Blog

19 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links and Monetize Your Blog

Becoming an affiliate is a fantastic way to make passive income every month. By joining a profitable affiliate marketing program and maximizing your affiliate links, you will generate more income from every click of your link.  

What is an Affiliate Link?

Your designated affiliate link is the personalized URL that is used to redirect your audience to a specific product or service that you are promoting. Each affiliate link is unique, and contains specific identifiers.

A best practice is to make the link more visually appealing by cloaking the link with a tool like ThirstyAffiliates. Otherwise, they might appear unnecessarily long and spammy, and no one’s going to want to click. Link cloaking also protects your affiliate commissions by making your affiliate ID less visible to your audience.

Also, you mustn’t forget to add appropriate disclosure to your posts in accordance with FTC guidelines (or other guidelines applicable in your country). It should be obvious that your post includes an affiliate link.

In this guide, you’ll learn some powerful tactics for promoting your affiliate links.

1. Within blog content.

If you have a blog, this is the number one place to add affiliate links. For example, if you are knowledgeable about a specific topic, you can identify the most common problems and challenges that people are searching for in that niche, and create a blog around that topic with content that informs, educates and solves problems for your audience. And you can monetize your blog by becoming an affiliate for companies that sell related products or services and add affiliate links to your blog posts.

Over time, as your blog begins to add value to the life of your readers, you will build a high level of trust and authority, and they will begin to click your affiliate links to purchase whatever you are recommending to them.

2. In Facebook Groups

Facebooks groups are targeted communities on Facebook that are dedicated to specific topics. If you’re knowledgeable in a niche, you can easily join a series of relevant groups. Be sure to read the rules of each Facebook group first before joining to make sure.

Simply spamming your links in groups will not generate any results and is likely to get you banned as it would violate the group’s rules. Directly promoting your links in a Facebook group will make you look desperate and is definitely not the way to go.

A lot of Facebook groups allow the posting of links to blog articles but for the first few weeks, focus on adding value to people’s lives. Rather than risking getting kicked out of the group for spam, focus on establishing trust and authority by posting high quality content by taking part in frequent group discussions.

Aim to help as many community members as possible with your knowledge and expertise by and adding dynamic and posting content that solve problems for other members.

If you are promoting a particular product, aim to traffic to a relevant, high quality piece of your content on your website where you discuss the product and its benefits. If people click through to your website, they will be much more likely to buy from affiliate links included in your content than if you directly send them to a affiliate page from Facebook.

If people click on your article about air travel, then you have a much better chance that they will buy from your affiliate link in the article.

3. In a personal story.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to engage and influence your audience. This is a strategic approach that can generate powerful results for your affiliate marketing business.

A personal story is simply an original summary of your personal experience of using a product that you are sharing with your audience. Personal stories help you stand out because they come from your own personal experience. With this strategy, you can drive traffic directly to the product’s homepage from your website.

When you are promoting a product, provide an in-depth about everything a potential customer will need to know, such as:

1. The problem that caused you to buy the product.

2. How to buy the product

3. Features and benefits of the product.

4. Pros and cons of using the product.

5. Your opinion of the product based on your personal experience.

At the end, offer readers or viewers a discount code.

4. On Instagram

Instagram has a very active and engaging audience, boasting engagement greater than any other social network. Posting links to affiliate pages is allowed on the site. As long as your account targets one specific niche, you can use the link in your bio to forward your audience to your blog or directly to your affiliate link. Y

ou can also place links in your Instagram stories. Note however, that you must have 10,000 followers to add links to your Instagram Stories content.

Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to add affiliate links to your Instagram account.

5. On Pinterest

You can create pins to promote your affiliate products directly on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a goldmine when it comes to getting content seen. Most social media platforms may show your post in people’s feeds for a week at most, as long as it never gets deleted a pin can keep generating traffic for years to come.

That means that all of the content that you publish on Pinterest, including your affiliate links, has a chance of being seen for a long time. it’s this longevity that makes Pinterest so powerful for affiliate marketing.

There are two main ways that you can leverage affiliate links on Pinterest: You can either pin the affiliate link itself or share a link to a or piece of content that contains an affiliate link.

Click here for a step by step guide on how to add affiliate links to your Pinterest pins.

6. In a Q & A session

Well, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It is essentially a Q & A session, where the host of the AMA answers questions from redditors in real time. It is a really powerful business tool that you can use to interact with your target audience and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

The great thing about hosting an AMA is that it makes it very easy to have an engaging and really valuable conversation with redditors in your chosen subreddit.

Now, think of an AMA as webinar with a difference. The difference is that you’re communicating with your audience by text and you’re hosting the session on Reddit. So people don’t have to leave the website in order to take part in the Q & A. Which is just excellent because it means more people are likely to attend.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting an online golf coaching course that is designed to help golfers improve their game. This is a very active, readymade golf community with 150,000 members who are all passionate about golf. Start by joining this community, and aim to contribute value on a consistent basis.

After you have established trust and authority, think about hosting an AMA where you invite questions from golfers in this subreddit to discuss the problems they are having with their golf game. Your AMA will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the product and take questions from your audience.

7. In a video tutorial

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools, especially for affiliate marketers. In fact, according to a report by Animoto, 93% of businesses say video is responsible for landing them a new customer. This tactic involves becoming an affiliate for a product that is already popular with your audience and then creating a video tutorial that takes users through the step-by-step process of how to use the product.

This requires a deep knowledge of the product you’re promoting because your video needs to provide all of the necessary product information. If you provide partial information, they will carry on searching for more in-depth tutorials.

If you know that a particular application would be useful to your audience based on your personal experience of using the product, create a video tutorial or guide around:

  • A step-by-step tutorial of how to use the product;
  • How to order the product;
  • Features and benefits of the product
  • Pros and cons of the product
  • Insider tips and tricks

At the end of the video, you can post your affiliate link along with a coupon code that your audience can use to purchase the product at a discount. You can also include your links in your video description.

8. In emails

Emails are a very versatile and effective way to promote your affiliate link to your audience. This simply involves building a subscriber list, and building a relationship with your audience by sending them emails that inform, educate or entertain your audience. You can then promote relevant offers that can add real value to their lives.

One very important thing to understand is that in business, people buy from people they know, like and trust. This is why it is important to build a relationship with your readers through things like conversational, plain text emails.

This is a really useful feature because some people cannot view HTML emails. emails with heavy HTML formatting and several images are much less likely to get through to your subscribers. They just look like blatant sales promotions.

Furthermore, plain text emails tend to convey a sense of honest and authenticity to your readers. They are also what has been successfully used by prolific blogger Neil Patel for years. The messages appear personal and handwritten, you’ll be able to include a call to action that will stand out

According to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

9. In Facebook ads

With 2.23 monthly active users in February 2018, Facebook is now the largest social media network in the world. According to a study by eMarketer, 96 percent of social media marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective paid advertising channel on the social network.

However, you should never advertise your affiliate link directly because Facebook does not allow affiliates. Doing so can get your ad account shut down. The right approach would be to send your audience to a landing page where you pre-sell the product or service you’re promoting. You can also send users to a relevant pages of your website that contain your affiliate link.

10. In influencer content

Influencer marketing is the process by which an online business leverages the influence of an individual who has developed an expertise in a specific niche, and has a strong social media presence with a loyal and engaged following. It is one of today’s fastest growing customer acquisition strategies, and a viable and essential marketing tactic in today’s digital world.

It is important to realise that influencer marketing isn’t necessarily about finding famous people or high-profile influencers to promote your brand. Rather, it’s about connecting with people who are known and respected in your industry, and leveraging their influence for the benefit of your business.

Business owners report a five-time increase in purchase intent when exposed to promotional content from influencers. Twitter also reports that 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer. Even with a small list of just 100 followers, a tweet or retweet from a trusted and respected influencer can extend your reach to thousands of potential customers.

There’s no bigger advantage to your affiliate marketing business than building relationships with a small team of influential individuals. You can skyrocket your breach and influence far beyond what you currently have, amassing more traffic, leads and sales for whatever it is you’re promoting. This is why building relationships with respected influencers in your industry or field has to be a fundamental component of your affiliate marketing strategy.

11. In guest Posts

Guest posting is simply the process of writing content on someone else’s blog within your industry in order to attract traffic back to your site. Doing this can expose you to a brand new audience and potential customers. By sharing your knowledge and expertise on sites that are relevant to your niche, you can establish trust and influence and build relationships with other users in your field.

When you are guest posting, do not place your affiliate links inside of the guest posts as the advertiser will not recognize sales coming from sites that you have not listed on your affiliate application.

12. In quora answers

Quora is the most popular question and answering community in the world. It is one of the best sources of traffic on the web, and can form the basis of a successful affiliate marketing campaign. You can get tons of traffic from Quora to your website or YouTube channel by consistently posting well-written and thorough answers to questions.

Note however, that affiliate links are strictly prohibited when commenting on a question, and doing so can get your account suspended. But you can bypass this rule by embedding your affiliate links inside pages or blogposts that you are sending traffic to.

13. In your target Reddit community

Reddit is the world’s largest and most influential online community. More precisely, it is a unique blend of a content aggregator, social network, search engine and online forum powered by a thriving and engaged community. Direct affiliate links are expressly forbidden on the site, but you can drive traffic to relevant pages on your site that have been embedded with your affiliate links.

Many subreddits allows you to post a link to your website in the comments as long as the page that you’re linking to is relevant to the discussion that you’re linking from. So if your goal is to drive traffic to your website, then you need to ensure that the page you’re linking to is going to add something to the discussion

14. On Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for finding potential customers for your affiliate marketing business. The platform allows affiliate marketers to promote offers in their tweets, and these tweets will show up in people’s feeds. Twitter provides the ability to reach the perfect customer, but you need to know who they are.

When you understand your ideal customer and what they value, need or are struggling with, you’ll be able to create an experience for them that strategically positions your affiliate products or services as the ideal solution to their needs, desires and pain points.

15. In banner ads

Clickable, visually appealing banner ads on your site present one of the best places to locate your affiliate links. Of course, this will depend on whether the affiliate program you’re promoting provides banner ads. You can place these banners in strategic places on your site, including:

  • The sidebar
  • Within content
  • In email messages
  • In the header or footer

16. YouTube Comments

You can include affiliate links in your YouTube comments and pinned posts, but you should do so in a way that won’t be seen as spam. For example, if you are promoting an app that helps users find cheap flights, you can post something like: “Travelzoo will help you find the cheapest flights. Learn more: https://googl.ly/124”.

You can also post affiliate links in your replies to comments from viewers who are posting questions or asking for recommendations. Do not post your link on any channel if it’s not relevant to the question or helpful to the viewer asking the question.

If you do so, you’ll be spamming the channel. Avoid posting your affiliate links indiscriminately on numerous channels. If you abuse comments and community forums, you run the risk of getting suspended from the platform.

17. In comments on Reddit

Reddit, is a conversation driven platform, and 2.8 million comments are posted on the platform every day. Writing helpful and dynamic comments that are relevant to the discussion can drive targeted traffic to specific pages of your website that include your affiliate offers.

Many subreddits allow you to post a link to your website in the comments as long as the page that you’re linking to is relevant to the discussion that you’re linking from. You should focus on large, active subreddits that are relevant to your niche. You can use the IFTTT tool to receive alerts when your chosen keywords or phrases are used in specific subreddits.

This allows you to engage in discussions around specific products or services that you’re promoting. By monitoring Reddit for relevant conversations, you can leave some high quality comments that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. And doing this on a regular basis can lead to some really awesome opportunities for your business.

Your comments should be:

  • On-topic
  • Respectful to the author
  • Valuable and useful
  • Well-written
  • Transparent
  • Well-formatted
  • Not manipulative

18. In resource pages on your site.

A resource page is simply a page on your website that lists helpful links and resources for a particular topic. For example, if you blog about SEO, you might have a page that is dedicated to the best link building tools that you personally recommend. Resource pages tend to be seen as credible. With credibility, there’s a higher likelihood of people converting on those offers.

19. Inside of digital products.

As you become more and more knowledgeable in your niche, you can start to create valuable resources like eBooks, white papers and presentations for your audience. These products will help you build trust, authority and influence in your niche. They also present the ideal opportunity to embed your affiliate links inside.

For example, if your blog is about yoga and you’ve created an eBook about the effects of yoga on mental and physical health, your book is a natural place to link to affiliate offers related to yoga.  

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