17 Excellent Ways to Maximize Reddit for Business

17 Excellent Ways to Maximize Reddit for Business

Reddit is often referred to as “the front page of the internet”, in reference to the front page of a newspaper where you typically find the most interesting news of the day. Reddit’s front page features all of the most popular posts of the day, and posts that hit that front page usually end up spreading to various sites all over the web.

Here are 17 excellent ways to maximize Reddit for your business.

  1. Enable word of mouth marketing (WOMM).
  2. Generate qualified leads.
  3. Engage millennials.
  4. Drive targeted traffic to your website or YouTube channel.
  5. Identify opportunities to connect with customers and prospects.
  6. Establish trust and authority
  7. Establish a customer service and support channel.
  8. Post your best deals.
  9. Get quality feedback.
  10. Establish a focus group.
  11. Organize an AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  12. Go viral.
  13. Skyrocket your organic search rankings.
  14. Gain competitor intelligence.
  15. Host contests
  16. Conduct market research
  17. Humanize your brand

1. Enable word of mouth marketing (WOMM).

Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is an organic way of spreading information which leverages different forms of viral marketing. It is the most effective and valuable form of marketing because it is based on user-generated content. It is the one type of marketing that consumers trust above all others.

One of the biggest advantages of establishing your business on Reddit is that the platform makes it easy for redditors to promote your business and drive sales through this powerful and influential form of marketing. WOMM is so powerful in influencing others and has a way of reaching people that might not have been able to be reached otherwise.

The following Uniqlo case study showcases the power of WOMM on Reddit.

The Uniqlo brand has been active on Reddit since 2012. The brand is currently registered in 2 fashion related subreddits: /r/streetwear and /r/frugalmalefashion, and actively connects with redditors in their chosen subreddit.

According to Uniqlo, their organic posts on Reddit drives more traffic and revenue than any of their other social media channels. From the monthly sales driven by social media, Reddit drives 64% of that social media traffic while Facebook ads drive 20%.

If you do a search for Uniqlo on Reddit, you’ll see just how the company is generating incredible results from their engagement strategy. On average, someone mentions Uniqlo in a post about 3 or 4 times/week, and each post gets a lot of engagement.

What happens is that Uniqlo emails discounts to its customers on a regular basis, and those customers share those discounts on Reddit. Uniqlo generates tons of targeted traffic, leads and sales from this type of marketing.

This is word of mouth marketing at its finest, with loyal, passionate customers freely spreading the word about a business that they truly love. According to Nielson, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from frends and family over all forms of advertising. Reddit is a tight-knit community and that deep sense of community is what enables word of mouth marketing on Reddit.

Uniqlo’s WOMM campaign has generated thousands of conversations, recommendations and sales over the years. And getting this level of engagement is not too difficult. Simply commit to creating amazing products that your customers like, and provide social, top-of-the-line customer service every single time they shop with your brand. You’ll also want to be part of the discussions that occur around your brand on Reddit.

Of course, you must be an active community member or redditor.

You can even take things a step further by encouraging redditors to post photos of themselves using your products, and rewarding them for it. Research shows that consumers are twice as likely to share user-generated content, which is more trusted. This will reassure prospects who want to see real people actually using your product before they buy. It will also increase the confidence and level of trust that customers and potential customers have in your business.

2. Generate qualified leads.

Reddit is a powerful lead generation tool. No matter what niche you’re in, you can always find conversations that can help you identify genuine opportunities for your business.

To find leads on Reddit, all you need is a keyword list. If you do a search on the platform for your target keywords, you are likely to come across comments about problems, challenges or frustrations that your product or your service can solve for the people that are making those comments. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, words like I need to lose weight would be relevant to you.

Here are the results for a search of the keyword “I need to lose weight”:

As you can see, lots of comments from redditors asking for help and advice from anyone who can help them lose weight. If you’re a professional, you can connect and build relationships with these potential customers.

Reddit can be a great source of leads for every niche you can think of, and you can automate this process with the IFTTT tool. All you need is a targeted keyword list to search for potential customers and relevant conversations that provide opportunities for your business. In addition, Reddit provides powerful search operators that you can use to create more precise searches for what you’re looking for.

3. Engage millennials

If millennials are a target audience for your business, then Reddit is an excellent platform to connect, communicate and actively engage with this powerful and influential consumer group.

Here’s a graph of Reddit’s user demographic. As you can see, the site is dominated by millennials and adults between the ages of 18 and 49. Reddit is where millennials prefer to hang out.

Over 2 billion users may be registered on Facebook, but if you’re looking to connect with and market to millennials in countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia, then Reddit is the ideal platform for you.

As a business, you should always be where your audience is. It is also really important to understand how to market to millennials because they think and buy differently. Millennials tend to be well-informed and savvy, and don’t respond to traditional forms of advertising messages that are written in marketing jargon. In fact, according to Hubspot, 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising.

If you do not learn how to connect with and market to this demographic, then you’re going to really struggle with sales down the line.

There is a lot of buzz around millennials, and the reason for that is their considerable buying power. It is the largest of all time and is projected to account for 24 trillion dollars in total wealth by the year 2020, with a current annual spend of 200 billion dollars, according to Forbes. For this reason, you cannot ignore millennials in your marketing.

Establishing a strong and engaging presence on Reddit is going to help you build trust with millennial consumers. Most marketers and businesses actually stay away from Reddit because it is seen as the hardest social media platform to market on. But if you’re able to successfully establish a strong and engaging presence by consistently publishing quality content that adds value for these consumers, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors.

4. Drive targeted traffic to your website or YouTube channel.

Reddit gets an insane amount of traffic every single month.  

How insane? Well, check this out!

This is Similarweb’s Reddit page. As you can see, Reddit has had 1.52 billion unique visitors within the last 6 months, with an average duration of 10 minutes for each visitor. Majority of this traffic comes from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.  

With the right strategy, Reddit makes it easy to target highly specific niches and drive targeted traffic to your website or blog on a consistent basis.

And that is precisely because of the way it is laid out. Reddit categorizes content within its various niche communities, known as subreddits. Each subreddit has its own unique rules, culture and demographics, which makes it very easy to reach highly targeted audiences.

Consider the personal finance niche for example. As a small business, if you want to generate organic traffic from Google for personal finance keywords today, you’ll be wasting your time because of the level of competition in that industry.

If you do a search for the term personal finance on Google, this keyword alone generates over 1.69 billion search results. With that level of competition, a small business would have no chance of being able to generate organic traffic from Google for any keywords related to personal finance.

And it’s the same for finance-related long tail keywords. Long tail keywords typically have much less competition than short tail keywords such as personal finance. Even so, a highly specific long tail keyword such as “how to create a personal budget” generates 1.2 billion results! If you’re a small business in the finance niche, it would be complete waste of time and money to try and generate organic traffic from Google.

On the other hand, there is a very large and active personal finance community on Reddit, with 14 million subscribers all in one place, interested in nothing but personal finance.

If you’re a personal finance advisor, you’re better off building your brand and marketing your business in this community, where you can generate highly qualified leads for your business without paying a penny on advertising.

5. Identify opportunities to connect with customers and prospects.

No matter what type of product or service you offer, you’ll find hordes of interested people in dedicated subreddits. This provides the ideal opportunity to connect and establish relationships with potential buyers of your product or service.

If you’re a well-established brand and you do a search for your brand keywords on Reddit on a frequent basis, you may come across redditors who are openly discussing your business, product or service. Redditors are vocal, and often share advice, complaints, experiences, and everything else. Some of these people discussing your business could be potential customers asking questions about certain aspects of your products or services and learning from the experiences of your customers.

If you’re able to identify a discussion about you or any aspect of your business, product or service, this would be the ideal time to join the conversation to learn more about the opinions and experiences of your customers. Of course, not every mention of your product or service is going to be positive. That’s just the nature of business. But then again, joining the conversation in real time provides the opportunity for you to clear up any possible misconceptions that may be going around about your business.

You might even find your customers spreading the word about your business in the same way that they do every week for Small Batch Cigars.

Small Batch Cigars is a small business that has firmly entrenched themselves in the hearts and minds of redditors in /r/cigars. The company leverages Reddit as a customer service channel. If you do a search for Small Batch Cigars on Reddit, you are likely to come across all types of delightful comments from redditors about this company.

Here are some of the comments that Small Batch receives on reddit:

And these comments tend to drive organic traffic and sales for Small Batch Cigars. This is another example of word of mouth marketing at its finest. These comments are occurring in a community that is passionate about cigars, so it really doesn’t get any better than this.

This is an excellent example of what is possible for your business on Reddit if you’re willing to invest in establishing a strong brand on Reddit.

6. Establish trust and authority.

Trust is synonymous with credibility, and Reddit enables you to build trust and authority in your chosen subreddit by showcasing your knowledge and expertise on a consistent basis. In today’s digital world, building trust with potential customers is essential. Reddit provides a powerful platform for marketers to build that trust.

You can build trust in your chosen subreddit by creating and sharing quality content with your target audience, helping users with their problems and challenges, posting interesting and well-thought out comments, answering questions, initiating discussions and participating in discussions around your target keywords, etc.

7. Establish a customer service and support channel

Reddit can be an excellent customer service support channel for those customers that are registered on reddit. What you could do is create a dedicated subreddit where you would typically address common issues, concerns, queries and things of that nature.

If you are willing to use Reddit as a customer service channel, your customers, prospects, and competitors who are all registered on reddit will be able to see how you generally interact with your customers.

8. Post your best deals.

There are dedicated, product-focused subreddits where you can submit products that you are selling. Having a presence on reddit which introduces users to what you’re selling represents yet another way to get more sales for your business. If you’ve got a discount code or you’re running a sale, you can share a coupon in these subreddits that are dedicated to selling.

Ikea used this to their advantage by uploading a deal they were offering in a printed ad. The post went viral with over 3000 upvotes and close to 1000 comments. 

Here are some of the subreddits where you can post your best deals and sell your products.

  • r/thriftstorehauls
  • r/frugal
  • r/ecycle
  • r/yardsale
  • r/redditbay
  • r/barter  
  • r/bookhaul
  • r/dvdcollection
  • r/flipping
  • r/theartifice
  • r/vintagetees
  • r/muglife
  • r/frugalmalefashion  
  • r/frugalfemalefashion
  • r/discountedproducts
  • r/makeupaddiction
  • r/deals
  • r/dealsreddit
  • r/shutupandtakemymoney

So, posting your best deals in the most relevant deals subreddits is something you may want to also do.

9. Get quality feedback.

The most fundamental form of successful marketing is having genuine conversations with your prospective customers. When you interact with your target market, you’ll be able to learn more about them: how they talk, their most pressing problems, and how you can help them.

On Reddit, you can use a dedicated subreddit as a focus group. If you ask for feedback in the right way, redditors are more than happy to share their thoughts with you for free. Their responses will help you learn more about your target audience, which will help to improve your product. You may even revise your marketing material based on the insights that you have gleaned from the focus group.

For example, take a look at this post which was submitted in a dedicated subreddit.

As you can see, the original poster (OP) explains who he is, his relationship to the company he is representing, and the goal of the post. He then goes on to prompt the community with a series of questions.

This was a great post because it made respondents actually feel that their input is valued and potentially actionable. It also stated the goal of the feedback and emphasized the importance of each individual customer.

Overall, the post did reasonably well for such a small community of 4000 members. As you can see, 52 comments with valuable, honest feedback. They were able to create a valuable conversation with their target market. What they can now do is to take away the feedback, process it and follow up by sharing what they did in that subreddit.

10. Establish a focus group

Reddit can provide more than just traffic for your business. By being active in your target community, you can engage smart and dedicated people who can become valuable assets for your business. Instead of only looking at redditors as a pool of potential traffic to your website, consider them as a group of educated consumers who can add real value to your business.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on focus grouping, surveys, and market research. But you can use Reddit to validate a business idea. If you have a specific business idea, you can get your community involved. that can pay off big time for your business.

Consider the following case study: Zinc is a chrome browser extension that makes it easy to buy bitcoin. And when the developers initially created the app, they reached out to the bitcoin community on Reddit for feedback. The response they received was the validation they needed to go forward and develop a specific Bitcoin integration feature.

11. Organize an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

An AMA is a powerful way to attract potential clients and connect with existing ones. It is one of the most powerful Reddit tools that you can use to effectively engage your target audience and drive targeted traffic to your landing page.

What is an AMA?

An AMA is an informal Q & A session. On reddit, anyone with specialist knowledge that might be of interest to redditors in a particular subreddit, commits to answering questions in real time from redditors in that subreddit. Some of the most popular AMAs have been held by CEOs of the largest companies in the world, former presidents, celebrities and other leading figures.

However, anyone with specialist knowledge including carpenters, plumbers, doctors, nurses, etc. can hold an AMA. For example, if you are the CEO of a firm that sells SEO services, you can hold an AMA in /r/seo or /r/bigseo as long as you’re willing to answer tough questions from redditors, some of whom may be potential customers.

In some cases, redditors have been able to turn their AMAs into product discussions that have led to massive sales of their products.

One of the most popular AMA case studies involved the sale of beef jerky. It began with a user posting a question on /r/AskReddit. He asked why the cost of beef jerky was so high. Tim, whose parents owned a beef jerky business responded and provided a detailed answer to the question, explaining why beef jerky was so expensive. When the OP learned that Tim had such close ties to a beef jerky business, he asked for a discount which eventually led to a new thread with Tim offering redditors an exclusive discount on his family’s beef jerky product.

Tim subsequently went on to have three AMAs based on his parent’s company. At the same time, he offered exclusive discount codes to all Redditors who wanted to purchase their beef jerky. He later shared the sales that came from Reddit which came to an amazing $28,446 in sales from these three Reddit posts.

12. Go viral.

There is no magic formula for going viral on reddit. However, you can increase the odds in your favour by consistently sharing valuable and high quality content that redditors in your target subreddit love. And you can do this by researching content that has already gone viral in that community. When you do this on a consistent basis, even if many your posts don’t happen to go viral, some of them will do very well. This will increase your content’s exposure and boost brand awareness for your business on the platform.

Website owners spend a fortune on backlinks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these backlinks are completely worthless as fas as Google is concerned because the algorithm is sophisticated enough to identify artificial or manufactured links.

If you are able to build a strong brand on reddit with redditors clicking through to your site, you can actually generate some powerful backlinks and social signals. Reddit has very powerful SEO metrics, with a Domain Authority of 91/100, and Trust Flow of 80/100. To put that into perspective; around 99.1% of websites have a trust flow of 10 and below.

If you have backlinks and social signals flowing from Reddit to your blog or website on a regular and consistent basis, this will have a dramatic effect on your organic search rankings on all of the major search engines.

At present, when you include an external link in a Reddit text post or link post to your website, initially, it is going to be a nofollow link. This means that it won’t have any SEO value. But once that post collects 5 upvotes, it will be upgraded to a powerful dofollow backlink. However, Google will only accord any value to the link if redditors are clicking through the link to visit your website. If hardly anyone clicks on the link to visit your site or users are bouncing from your landing page or blog, then Google will not accord any value to the link.

14.      Gain competitor intelligence.

If you are going to be marketing your business on most social media platforms, you can actually skip doing competitor research and analysis – like most marketers. But Reddit is a completely different kettle of fish. If you want to be successful on the platform, researching your competitors is absolutely essential. Without competitor research and analysis, you will be basing your Reddit marketing strategy on guesswork, which means you’ll be relying on luck for the most part.

The fact of the matter is, your most successful competitors have done all the work. What you should be doing is collecting and analyzing the best performing content so that you can reverse engineer the success of that content for your own campaign. The Reddit platform allows you to identify posts that have done well in your niche, analyse them and then incorporate the insights that you glean from the post into your own marketing campaign.

15.   Host a contest.

Hosting a contest as a promotional tool in your target community is great way to build a strong following in your chosen subreddit. it helps to increase brand awareness and motivates redditors to start leaving posts, share information, and engage with your business. It is also a great way to increase sales.

When running a contest, don’t make the mistake of hosting your contest in a dedicated subreddit such as /r/giveaways, /r/giveitaway or r/sweepstake. To maximize results, you should host the contest in the subreddit where you’ve been adding value.

16.  Conduct market research.

Reddit is a potential goldmine of business intelligence. Unfiltered, real-time discussions occur between consumers in dedicated subreddits every single day. By monitoring relevant subreddits, you can find out the most popular trends in your industry and what consumers are saying about brands and their products.

if you come across discussions like this in your chosen subreddit, you can take advantage of the opportunity to offer better value to your target audience.

17.  Humanize your brand.

Reddit is a tight-knit community, and provides the ideal platform to humanize your brand. And one way you can do this is by sharing the story of your business. People like hearing other people’s stories and how they overcame struggles. Your brand story can help create an emotional connection with users in your target community.

By letting people know who you are, what you do and why do it, you’re being open and transparent with your audience and this will humanize your brand for your audience.

Unfortunately, many small businesses on Reddit choose not to share their story. They prefer to remain unanonymous so they can fly under the radar and inflate the popularity of their content. The story of your business is what makes your business unique and is a powerful way to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors.

Your story needs to be relatable, emotionally powerful and authentic. Writing your brand story is not simply about creating an over-imaginative tale. It is quite simply about telling the truth about who you are, what you do and why you love doing what you do.

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