Top 15 Strategies to Increase Engagement in Your Chosen Subreddit

Top 15 Strategies to Increase Engagement in Your Chosen Subreddit

Engagement is a key social media metric to track. In this guide, we’re going to look at 15 proven strategies that can help boost engagement with your business on Reddit.

It is much easier to use your chosen subreddit as a platform to simply broadcast your content. But if you use it as an avenue to truly engage with your audience, you’ll be able to leverage the Reddit platform to generate qualified leads, boost brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your website.

What is social media engagement?

At its core, social media engagement occurs when someone engages or interacts with your content in your chosen subreddit.

It comes in the form of metrics such as:

  • Upvotes
  • Commments
  • Shares
  • Click-throughs

These metrics are crucial for measuring the effectiveness of your Reddit marketing campaign, and achieving goals such as driving targeted traffic to your website from your chosen subreddit and generating qualified leads that leads to sales for your business.

Here are 15 powerful strategies that can help boost engagement with your business on Reddit.

1. Create x number of text posts per week in your main subreddit.

Creating high quality content around the theme of your chosen subreddit is the simple and an effective way to increase engagement with your target audience. If you don’t have the resources to create quality content, you can simply curate relevant and high quality content from top authority sites in your niche.

The busiest time on Reddit is between 8.30 a.m. and 10 a.m., Mondays to Thursdays. However, there’s no exact magical time of the day to publish your content because your target community is unique.

You will have to test to find the best times to post in your target subreddit. Your best strategy would be to post content at different times every day in those subreddits. Use the recommended times as a guide rather than a hard and fast rule.

2. Contribute to x discussions in your target subreddits every day.

This means you need to search for relevant conversations in your target subreddits and actively contribute to those conversations on a consistent basis. You don’t have to contribute to your main subreddit every day.

Simply search for relevant conversations and contribute to whatever you find to be relevant. Note that many subreddits allows you to include links to relevant blog posts, as long as the content on the blog is directly relevant to the conversation.

3. Share 1 infographic for the main subreddit every week.

You don’t necessarily have to create these infographics yourself. You can simply search for the most relevant and trending infographics online, and share them within your target communities.

4. Spend x on sponsored posts per month.

You need to establish your brand in the hearts and minds of your target subreddits before creating an advertising campaign. Your target audience need to be familiar with who you are and what you do. If people are not familiar with who you are, they are not going to engage with your ads.

5. Increase spend on Reddit advertising in X country/state by x%.

Once you see that your advertising is more successful in specific countries, states or cities, you can choose to increase your advertising spend in those places.

6. Create X number of blog posts per week/month and repost them as text posts on Reddit.

If you are creating blog posts on your website, you can share them on Reddit as text posts. This involves summarizing those posts and posting a link to them at the bottom of each text post.

Note that you should only submit a link to relevant posts on your website, no more than once out of ten times.

7. Post X offers per month in dedicated subreddits.

Create special discounts and coupons exclusively for the reddit community. If you run a local business, when someone accepts your offer, they’ll receive an email that they can print out and show at your location to redeem the offer. These types of offers are highly effective because they encourage people to tell people about your business with their friends after they claim their offer.

Here are some of the subreddits where you can post your best deals and sell your products.

  • r/frugal
  • r/ecycle
  • r/yardsale
  • r/redditbay
  • r/barter
  • r/bookhaul
  • r/dvdcollection
  • r/flipping
  • r/theartifice
  • r/vintagetees
  • r/muglife
  • r/frugalmalefashion
  • r/frugalfemalefashion
  • r/discountedproducts
  • r/makeupaddiction
  • r/deals
  • r/shutupandtakemymoney

8. Run X competitions/contests per year on Reddit.

Contests such as promotions and sweepstakes are a great way to increase awareness within your target community, encourage engagement and generate buzz for a new or recently launched product.

With contests, your goal should be to attract people who will stick with you even after the end of the promotion because those are the types of people that become loyal customers and brand advocates. The key thing about contests is to avoid generic prizes like iPads and smartphones because those types of prizes will attract people that are not likely to become customers.

Offer prizes that are directly relevant to your goals. For example, if you run a store, you can offer store-specific vouchers. You can successfully run a competition in your community to drive people to your email list. You can promote the competition in your chosen subreddit, as well as subreddits that are specifically setup to promote giveaways. These include r/giveaways, r/giveitaway and r/sweepstake.

Create X AMAs every 3 months.

Running an AmA is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to engage your target audience on Reddit. They allow you to have valuable conversations with your target audience and potential customers in specific subreddits.

9. Spend X minutes per day upvoting, commenting and sharing customer posts.

As a good community member, you need to actively participate in the community. You need to upvote content, comment on posts and share posts with your audience.

10. Identify and follow X potential customers and targeted users on Reddit per month.

Search for and identify potential customers in your chosen communities. This means using niche specific keywords to identify users that talking about or having conversations around your target keywords. Follow them. Make it a habit of following as many potential customers as you can find with the goal of building relationships with them.

11. Seek out opportunities to build relationships.

If someone has submitted a post asking questions or looking for advice that relates to your niche, this would be the perfect opportunity to engage with that person. Before you respond, make sure that you do some research so that you can provide a complete answer to that user’s question. Remember that everybody that is interested in that topic will also be reading your responses.

12. Come across as a real human being.

In your chosen subreddit, share content and get involved in topics that have nothing to do with your business. For example, funny headlines tend to catch our attention, and every time we see something funny, we are likely to slow down and read the post. So, share content that entertains and makes people feel good.

The benefit here is that people will always remember how we made them feel, and they will associate the warm, fuzzy feelings they felt when they read entertaining posts with you. You should also post content in the large subreddits like r/funny, r/pics and r/aww.

13. Ask for help and advice.

Posting thoughtful questions show that you really value the opinion of others. People love to give advice. If you ask a question and someone thinks they can answer it, they are going to respond. For example, if you are considering upgrading your iPhone 8, ask for advice on whether others think you should to do so, and if anyone that has done so regrets it.

If you are torn between two logos, ask Redditors in your community for their preference. Post images of the logos and ask them to pick logo 1 or logo 2. You can also ask them to comment on why they think that one logo is better than the other. This will help your target audience feel connected to your brand. These tactics will generate some great responses that will help build karma.

14. Ask for feedback.

After you have been providing value on Reddit, you can use the platform to get authentic, valuable feedback on your product or service. If you’re a small, local business, it is extremely important to demonstrate that you care about what your customers think.

Reddit’s voting system allows you to determine which responses are the most credible and valued by the community. Feedback posts don’t try to generate specific results or drive traffic to your site. They mainly focus on generating value for your business.

For example, if you own a photography studio and you have been sharing images in a particular subreddit, you can post a question asking if there is any particular type of photography that people would like to see.

15. End some of your posts with questions.

You can create further engagement by asking an interesting question that you know people will want to answer. According to experts in psychology, our unconscious mind wants to answer questions, especially if it thinks that those questions are being directed at us. If we find ourselves answering YES to a question, then we are going to at least read the first paragraph.

Ending your post with a question invites conversation, which is why you should always do so, as this will not only increase your engagement levels, it will boost your karma score. So, always craft your comments in a way that invites participation.

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